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  1. I currently fly accipiters, but interested in getting a falcon, the lanner has caught my attention. However there seems very little about them being used for hunting. The research I have done suggests they catch birds in pursuit rather than a stoop. The pursuit falcon of choice seems to be the Aplomado, is there a reason why lanners aren’t used. Any help welcome.. Regards
  2. I've rarely cleaned it, as it was always accurate.. I had a bore snake in the cupboard and gave it a few pull throughs. That might have caused what you suggested deker. The POI moved and made a larger group. It seems back on song now, I will just leave it well alone.. I'm know cleaning can move POI as I copper brush etc my 308 however it rarely moves the POI that much and returns to zero after a couple of rounds.
  3. Read them all, defiantly sticking to the mk1, it's perfect.. Why did deben not stick with it or just make it again
  4. Just checking for your experience, I've got a 17 cz452 which has always shot accuratly and consistently. However I gave it three pull threws with a bore snake and the group was two inches low and larger for the first twelve shots, thankfully on a target board. Has anyone else experienced zero shift with the 17, it could have been conditions or me.
  5. The mk3 would have to be an amazing piece of kit to be better than the mk1. Mine is Bob on, I have 100 % confidence in it.. The only improvement I made was to wrap it in yellow tape so it's easier to spot and a little more water proof...
  6. Brilliant, thanks for the replies. I will stick them all together and only split them if it causes a major problem..
  7. I've bred my ferrets this year, I always use jills for my ferreting, I am thinking of keeping a hob back to keep the jills out of season. If I get it vasectomised can I keep it with my jills all year or will it need a seperate cage after its brought them out of season in summer.
  8. I can't believe exactly the same thing has happened to me, about four weeks ago both my Jills when AWOL. Found them both and thought nothing of it. I thought they were eating a lot, even said to the wife they look pregnant, but thought they can't be. I opened the hutch and one if not both have given birth. I'm in a rural location so must have something prowling.. I haven't seen a thing
  9. I bought a timberpro off flea bay, £ arrived next day. 20" bar, started first time and runs really well.. 2 year guarantee, I'm happy with it so far...
  10. I'm not after one to start a business, just cut a few logs. You wouldn't buy a £2000 stereo if you just wanted to listen to radio 2 while you eat your toast before going to work...it's horses for courses
  11. My chainsaw has packed up can anyone suggest a good cheap one. Ideally 12+ inches. Just chopping up logs, nothing special required
  12. I've just bought A HAWK FOR THR BUSH BY MAVROGORDATO, to tie me over till I get the other titles suggested. I've had a quick read and appears a good. I got mine cheap of ebay and would recomend adding it to your collection. I'm sure most have it already.
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