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  1. Cracking dog how's it bred. Atb Lurcher cross greyhound mate.
  2. He's not bothered about his mate!I'm alright jack
  3. Watch "Destroying The Myth" on YouTube - https://youtu.be/RsbZhBFFgfo
  4. Mine was a bedlington terrier. Only thing he would chase was deer of all things!! The final straw was at nearly 3 year old. In one of feed bins at farm they was a couple of rats. When dog sniffed at one it reared up on it's back legs so terrier shat himself yelped trying to jump out. I describe the incident as like watching something from a cartoon!! Never seen anything like it before or since. The dog was given to a pet home!
  5. Bring gerrard on half time. Need someone on to keep the ball and pass to a man with a red shirt on !!
  6. I have £100 on with a man u fan who finishes highest in league this season. More than the money is the smile it will put on my face !!!!
  7. 3-1 liverpool. Hope so anyway!!!!
  8. Went to manchester once was an absolute nightmare. Couldn't get in anywhere. We broke up into two's and three's still no good. Never been back !!
  9. Cheers lads. Just got some new traps and set them today. Haven't done any mole trapping since i was a kid. On me grand-parents farm.
  10. Once you have set your mole traps how often do you check them? Daily or every couple of days enough.
  11. My older dog is 9 now and she still loves a day ratting. A real good finder and kills quick then moves on.
  12. Impressive that mate. Not into shooting but really enjoy seing a well trained gun dog. Well done marra.
  13. Souness said ste g would get in any liverpool team in any era! He should know!! Class player had to play in some poor teams over years.
  14. Not even a little bit Alby ?,,,isn't there somewhere deep down in your bitter ,man utd loving heart that says " fair play , he was a good player "If I was you I would ask myself if I wasn't being biased just because he cant say "chicken " To me Alonso carried him for long enough,then the Biter made him look better than he was,one Champions league final when Carragher rallied the team and ran his blood to water and ably assisted by S.G. in possibly his best game,poor for England on to many occasions,one outstanding pass from Stevie was often clouded by the many poor passes he was better at.
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