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  1. Shes 3/8th Beardie 5/8th Greyhound, she's an old lady now
  2. I've ran Beardies crossed for some time, dam an daughter, not DH. I don't recognize the majority of comments about them posted here. They were rabbit bitches but never had an issue with "accidents" and always just got in with the job in hand. DBP comments about weirdies affected opinions and DH continually breeding from untried stock with OBVIOUS temperment issues have effectively f****d this cross. They are a good thing particularly on heather but need loads of mental stimulation as they're high drive things, the huffy, stalking , aggressive blah blah I simply have never seen. My bitch is 9 and I've had to go back to border cross as I just couldn't find a genuine line. They have a coat which can be a bit of a pain, skin like a rhino, titanium feet, stupid loyal and mad drive to match a tremendous nose, they're problem solvers and independent thinkers. A good one is a proper thing but there has been too much commercial shite bred, unfortunately they appear to be the only people breeding them. They are no better than any other sheepdog cross.
  3. I'm sure Jossa on here has a dog of the type you're describing
  4. If you think genuine Border crosses are thin on the ground then try finding a genuine Beardie cross, more chance of finding a Unicorn
  5. Watched the video on the Baton Rouge one and on the strength of that they murdered the mush.f****n disgraceful
  6. When he stops off the marching powder long enough to pass a drug test
  7. You've got them on the brain Neal
  8. Mine likes to smoke a Hookah pipe after a hard run
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