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  1. 92k W plate 11months tax would consider a swap for a road bike (cycling) pm with what you got, no halfords crap though.
  2. It's not so much the toes it's the open wound on hid elbow! Need sedating to clean it and wrap it back up!!
  3. No charged between 70-100 a week! To change have just dropped him back off now! As its sore round the top! (Only had it changed Monday) so that will be another £70 today!
  4. My dog broke 3 toes 8weeks ago was put in a splint which rubbed his elbow down to the tendon ( 6 weeks ago) and vet says still another few weeks away from not having to bandage up every week!! was told 4 weeks for toes to heal at the start will be 9 weeks on sunday!!! then for the tendon was told would heal in two week!! will be 7 weeks on monday!!! This is starting to piss me off a little bit now as where hitting the £2000 mark now (hope fully the insurance will pay out) but cant help but feel some piss taken is going on here!!!
  5. Cheers lads going to be a long road back for him but i find getting the dogs fit is one of the best bit of owning them!
  6. Beddy whip collie grey all on same foot was just set in a splint 2 years old tendons ok from what I can make out.
  7. yeah going to need lots of care as the muscle in the shoulder is down to the bone!! with being immobile the splint rubbing on elbow as left a nasty hole down to the tendon!! but the vet say should heal nice!!
  8. have any of you guys had experience? one of mine broke 3 about 4 weeks ago and is hopefully (find out monday) ready to start rehabilitation!! wondering if there is anything to watch out for!! not planning on running him until at least this time next year. cheers baz
  9. my dog is laid up with 3 broken toes at the min and metacam is good stuff think you can only get it with a prescription!! from the vet, if its a weight bearing toe get it checked out! will cost a bit though!! looking at £400ish if broke!! for xray,meds and strapping up!! then £100ish a week for 4 weeks for the dressing changing!! then xrays again!!! hope it just a knocked up toe mate.
  10. Yeah was really reckless not knowing I had a time bomb on my hands! Only found out the history after it was 2 late!!
  11. Well I put this post on for u guys to cheer me up lol!! Been a shit 12 months!! Somehow wish I was a vet!!
  12. or breeding which i found out was the case!!!
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