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  1. View Advert kawasaki klf for sale a KAWASAKI klf 300 quad 2007, new tyres,winch and suspension and new battery being fitted tomorrow , its a good clean straight and genuine quad only selling as having to give up stalking due to health ! , gun rack shooting rest and stick holder its not road reg , faults: a couple of MINOR cuts on seat ,1 rear brake light need sorting and a small hole in exhaust box more pics are available on request by email, located south west scotland near annan £1875 Advertiser
  2. used to use them way back ! but started using one when we were away on holiday up scotland before we moved ,theyr just geared up for taking money off the blow ins retiring down there ! ALWAYS A DIFFERENT FACE and poor advice .
  3. we started again in our bed this year with fresh plants and not done good at all ! but listen to terry d they will do better in later years ,hang on in there we had over 30 kg off a 10'x4' bed then they went back but confident they will come back ,you cant hurry nature just go at its pace .
  4. its all mine gets im tight as well :laugh:,in all fairness if it was caned day in day out then yes it probably would protect longer but i do mine regularly given its use
  5. small pistol every time plus lil gun couldnt fault it at all ,definatley small pistol dropped the es loads and upped the velocity ,i struggled with mag length with vmax so ended up with sbk
  6. he did but hes having back button issues occasionaly as well at least he can post now though after your advice
  7. nice usefull shape that ,looks a little like a nessmuk in its blade shape ,should be a good allrounder
  8. yup you wait untill you forget a bottle :laugh: :laugh: more like a cannon then
  9. not at all silly i went exactly the same last year ! "back to my roots" ive done the full gamut of fishing through my life but last year due mainly to health (arthritis stopping me wading and walking any appreciable distance ) went back ,aye things have changed a hell of a lot (last time i course fished at all was the early eighties) but last year i did a bit of carp fishing and a bit of mixed course on a new style commercial fishery and got to say thouroughly enjoyed it GO ENJOY
  10. thats helish neil what your putting yourself through !,enjoy
  11. ive sent a pm , a k hornet is just a modified chamber ,thinking outloud i was just saying/thinking if it needed reaming it would be another option, if you loaded to give you a slight increase in velocity if needed
  12. can you get it borescoped to check if it is rust ? next if it is you may be able to get a reamer put through the chamber to tidy it up again ,thats if you have a smith with one , next option if you fancied a slight upgrade get it re chambered into a k hornet plenty of options ,where abouts are you in cumbria
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