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  1. Micheala Robinson

    🦌🦌 Antler coat hook 🦌🦌

    Thank you for your feedback
  2. Mounted on a solid oak base. Check out Game Bird Designs on Facebook for more info and products. More designs coming soon ....
  3. Micheala Robinson

    Deerhound lurchers

    I have a deerhound bull grey, working wise can’t fault her in any way she’s game, very quick and obedient (most of the time) . But she has the strangest temperament, not nasty infact she’s soft as a brush, great with other dogs, very intelligent, and I wouldn’t particularly say stubborn, just has a strange personality. Not sure if that’s the deerhound or greyhound trait or her previous owner but if she was a human she wouldn’t have many friends
  4. Micheala Robinson

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Thanks he’s a 5/8 3/8 bull greyhound. No fancy bloodlines.
  5. Micheala Robinson

    Let’s see your bull x pups

    Thanks Peter he has just turned 16 months and has started filling out and maturing nicely
  6. Micheala Robinson

    Two albino hob ferret kits (E-Yorkshire)

  7. I have two lovely strong, well bred albino hob ferret kits to rehome. I bred this litter for my own use only and I am keeping 3 of the 5 kits that I bred, these two are only available because unfortunately I am unable to keep all three hobs. They are bred from seasoned and proven parents, both I regard as very good workers and are a pleasure to handle. I am not looking for a profit from this litter just nice homes with someone that will look after them, I think of my ferrets as allot more than just a tool and these kits have had the best raw diet and handled daily from day one. They should make great additions to someone’s team and they have had the best start.
  8. Micheala Robinson

    bull deerhound

    Is he a member on here ?
  9. Micheala Robinson

    bull deerhound

    Yes she is, he looks a picture. Have you had him since a pup? Always wanted to trace her siblings.
  10. Micheala Robinson

    bull deerhound

    Can you send any pics Taffey?
  11. Micheala Robinson

    bull deerhound

    You have the brother to my bitch Jackthelad?
  12. Micheala Robinson

    bull deerhound

    I’m not sure I never met the man, I was led to believe it was from Wales but again I can’t be certain.
  13. Micheala Robinson

    bull deerhound

    Thanks Aussie, she does me well.
  14. Micheala Robinson

    bull deerhound

    He went over a ex track greyhound to produce this ...