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  1. terrier s

    View From Your Swim

  2. terrier s

    Trip To Mr Hopton

    Was a great night both dogs done great , never seen so many rabbits one a bit of ground , its took its toll on my bad knee now hobbling about like a old man , thanks to john for letting me go the drive down and thanks to mark for letting me tag along with john , i enjoyed the night out
  3. terrier s

    Fly Fishing For Pike

    9 ft #9 rod floating and int line on a reel to match i usr 24 lb fluro as leader tied to a kevlar wire knotable trace to a good wuality snap link to the fly , i dont trust just staright fluro i have seen bite offs with lb fluro
  4. 1 inch wide neon orange biothane collar purchased from delboy on the forum for my terrier i thott she would grow into it but still a bit big its brand new unused , just to see if anybody had anything similar in 3/4" for swap
  5. terrier s

    9Lb Bar Of Silver

    Cracking fish the one in the video looks like a decent fish mate
  6. terrier s

    Sea Trout

    Nice seatrout mate
  7. terrier s

    Few Pics From The Season Gone

    Some nice digs and terriers there
  8. terrier s

    Two Pups For Next Year

    Nice pups atb with them
  9. terrier s

    Recommend A Floating Fly Line

    Barrio floaters lie straight on water no memory and very good lines , cortland also great a little more than barrio , airflo sinkers are great but never had a decent floater
  10. terrier s


    Will pm u just now mate cheers
  11. terrier s


    Can anybody get any wormers , tried a few of the usual guys on here with no luck if anybody can help pm me please
  12. terrier s

    Fly Rod Repair....

    Try some of the fly fishing forums mate , i have picked up a few sections on these for rods i had with broken sections and couldnt get them elsewhere
  13. terrier s

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Some great looking wee packs on this thread
  14. Hi would just like to thank wezza for the terrier/ spike anchor that he sent me as promised , it is really well made . Thanks again mate
  15. terrier s

    Wet, Sodden Day

    Sounds lije use had a good day despite the weather