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  1. She does well as well she never got the work she should have last year but that was down to me , but every dig she got she done what was expected she started this season the same , i will give her a fair bit if work this season and next and if she sticks at it take a litter for a pup , they were always decent out of that stuff
  2. Yeah mate your right same bitch her dad is buzz , think your dogs mother was the black bitch , is he a bit younger than my bitch ? She will be 3 next month
  3. I have two boxes from nelson my marine ply treble is lighter than doubles i bought elsewhere , best quality boxes i have had
  4. Picture of them both there my bitch was young in that picture
  5. Would a terrier x spaniel or beagle something along those lines Not suit you better for a bushing dog for your lurchers rather than a terrier with the tendency to go to ground mate
  6. Shes patterdale lakeland cross
  7. My bitch is turning to a handy animal , dug to her mother a few times as well i liked her
  8. 01706412213 paul sullivan the knocker box shop but you will only get him between 9-5 mibby why you cant get him on mobile he also has a facebook page if you are on that
  9. New hob kit 10 weeks old
  10. One kept for dinner returned another 4
  11. Ano got it mastered now wish a had done it years ago
  12. Yeah mate it was a half bail mitchell 300 and one of his own made cane rods he used to catch clarissa the then world record carp in 1952 , mitchell 300 reels are great but not as good and fancy as modern day reels but were bomb proof and easy serviceable
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