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  1. Gl28

    Raw Food North Wales

    Is there much call for raw feed in north wales? I could get a steady supply if it's worth doing.
  2. Gl28

    Feeding Lamb

    I feed 6 sheep dogs and a bullx on lamb- we keep 10000 so have a never ending supply!
  3. Gl28

    Farmers Shooting Dogs.

    I see this both ways- I run dogs and keep a lot of sheep (000,s not 100,s!) There is nothing worse than going round stock to find some ripped to pieces. From my experience it's normally loose pets like Rottweilers , huskys , Alsatians etc with the odd farm dog That gets shot rather than "our" sort of working dogs!
  4. Gl28

    Hobart Mincer

    I need to find myself one of these big mincers!
  5. Gl28

    Winchester 42Gn Max 22Lr Ammo

    I'm sure I've got 300 eley, Mrs is going to hospital tomorrow so couldn't meet till next week. I'm near Chester but could be in prenton next week working 1 day.
  6. Gl28

    Mini X Bow

    Spot on, my mates got a broken one so will give it a go.
  7. Gl28

    Mini X Bow

    Sorry to revive an old thread, How did you make the retaining Spring ?
  8. Gl28

    What Lb Line For Big Carp

    Some places with big carp or cats want at least 20lb line.
  9. Gl28

    Red Letter Day

  10. Gl28

    Holyhead Breakwater

    I heard someone fell of the top path onto the bottom so it was shut, shame was always ok there.
  11. My local surplus place has a container with every item £5 so most of my hunting clothes come out of there,just have a rummage untill I find what I want. Only thing I can't get there is a warm waterproof coat in my size for some reason! So I've got a ridgeline coat instead. Can't go wrong with the ex army gear.
  12. Gl28

    Meat Costs

    What sort of money does everyone pay for there meat etc? Starting my pup on a raw diet soon and just wondering what everyone else's costs are? Thanks
  13. Gl28

    Afternoon Stroll, Pic Heavy...

    How do you find these as pets? With kids etc my pup seems very strong minded at the min nipping and pulling on your leg! Yours look spot on tho!
  14. Gl28

    The Cod Are Here...

    Had a few from north Wales last week nothing worth eating apart from a few flaties tho.
  15. My fac aa s310 serves me well, Might be abit heavy and not to pretty bit does all I ask!