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  1. I feed a pound of raw per day, used to feed a 20% complete, but was giving hm the runs now just feed the meat with a biscuit and veg.
  2. Just on BBC news the Pakistani is not the perpulator he is still out there and armed
  3. Boomtown Rats were to play in my town last year Gig had to be cancelled not enough tickets sold. There you go.
  4. I use to use it, but didn't like them using beet pulp. I feed raw and used to use completes at 20% as a mixer but this feeding gave him the runs, changed to raw plus Fold hill Terrier which is just biscuit with added vitamins,tools a lot firmer, and is doing well on this diet.
  5. We're they bred of the Lurcher from Dumfries, I saw the hitch run, never seen a dog with us much stamina saw her catching three that day, but caught them four or five fields away from the start.
  6. Seen this dog in the flesh, I know he lined a Lurcher from Dumfries, but never heard if she produced, and if she did, heard nothing about the pups,
  7. Country Joe


    Actually heard that Lib dem leader say on the Daily Politics when begin interviewed by Andrew Neil saying,if we leave the EU, I thought that desission had been made.
  8. I have moochers basket, light as a feather holds 4 stop nets,handy when used right, and you can walk for miles, and you wouldn't know it was over your shoulder, ideal for a mooch along with a few purse nets in your pockets
  9. There will be one or two on here that knew him, he did co respond with me a few times but I didn't know him, have to admit I liked a couple of his books especially the one on the hunters and their dogs in the lake Distric, I have it, but can't remember the name,it was a pity he fell out with Bill Brightmoor as he should have been in it, Bill had a bunch of lads that used his strain of Terrier up here, includes myself.
  10. I wouldn't be too quick to condemn using ex track bitchegs, there was a guy I knew that bred first crosses and three quarter dogs, not all were world beaters but did see a few decent dogs he bred, he was not a puppy farmer, just turned out the odd litter. Have never had a Hancock dog, and would never line his pockets.feel sorry for his brooms, as you can now rehome ex racers,who would pass a bitch on to them. On a different subject how many foxes did Mere presumably catch.
  11. I still think May will call an early election, and mps will have to watch what they say and do,, as you know they always look after number one, especially Labour mps in the North with Ukip breathing down their necks.
  12. He now says that if the Goverment decide to leave the single market, he will block article 50, as you know to stay in the single market you must accept free movement and EU law.
  13. I like the sweeter ones you drink straight, just with ice. Glayva and Drambuie.
  14. I've been to a Safari park in Africa, managed to see all the big 5 apart from Elephants, they are the Animal the tourist wants to see, if imagine the tourists that would go, if there were still big herds of them. Remember when Rhodesia got its independence, they took over the dairy farms, and instead of running them proper, they killed all the Cows. Crazy, Africa could be a major tourist destination, but you have to have the wildlife, in the Congo they are slaughtering the great Apes and chimps for Bush meat, even when the can buy cheaper meat, as they class it as a delicoudsy they are sayin
  15. Toxic Corbyn is lapping up all this fame,must be murder to live with,you wouldn't have to guess what his main topic of conversation would be. I know we have just had a referendum, but I can't see why Teresa May does not have a snap election, which would bury the Labour party, then and its a big then he might resign Labour would get a new leader, who's first job would be to have a new shadow cabinet and to kick out Abbott and the rest of his cronies. But there again she probably likes Corbyn being in charge as Labour with him and Abbot are going nowhere, imaging a Shodow Home Secretary who
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