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  1. My old nuttall patt,died aged 14 whilst i was on holiday,one of the last photos i had of him,all podgy and old got a new pup,coming along good.
  2. Pats starting to get arthritis,already giving him some supplements,has a good bed and gets short walks. Anyone know what pills if any that you can get without paying extortianate vet prices and that actually work?
  3. He doesn't anyway,he's good in that sense and will only eat or drink what i personally give him.
  4. That's what I thought,where I walk him is woodland and its pretty quiet and I rarely ever come across another dog/person anyway. Cheers
  5. he had his yearly injections up to the age of 3 or so,not had any since,but hes never been sick in his life. Would it still be ok ?
  6. got an 8 week old pup,due her first injection monday coming,i have a 14 year old pat,is it ok to walk the old dog and bring him back in,worried it could pass on something but im guessing it could be the same with him just going in the garden?
  7. Because when we got him as a pup mate I was 7 years old,that answer you're question prick?i want to take responsibility of him and stop letting my parents feed him too much shit.when you're getting up at 4:30 in the morning and coming home at 8-9pm to repeat the next day,I don't always have time to walk him. My parents are lazy c**ts and don't excercise him,that isn't my fault.
  8. (12 year old Patterdale,on the large side rather than small)Dogs been fed on the usual supermarket crap most of it's life,he eats rabbit and pidgeons now an then but not often. Starting to get overweight,hasn't been worked for a while due to job.hes been fed by my mum who's also not excercised him enough. How much would you say to feed him to bring his weight down?stick to the lidls dog biscuits and tinned meat or turn to the raw meat?im always hearing it's cheaper on raw anyway so if someone can direct me to a good place to buy I'd appreciate it.cheers What's their ideal weight at
  9. Let me know the next time you plan on going arse over tit across the handlebars,I'll come over with the camera,just the kind of pictures we need on here in the silly season Hasnt happened yet :)Hes better on the lead when i go on the bike than when im bloody walking lol
  10. http://postimg.org/image/gvc26hhir/ had to upload to a img sharing site,forum mods wont even allow you to use the anymore -.-
  11. To be honest i dont really want to go too fast incase he does decide he wants to run through a bush,as i have him on a lead he just runs along side me,ill build him up steadily anyway,do a 4m run tomorrow then maybe a 2nd one later in the day,see how he is.to be honest i wouldnt be suprised to see him run over 10miles but his so headstrong he would run himself till his legs fell off.
  12. Ive started running my patterdale alongside my bike,not in any main roads or stuff like that so its all safe etc.What i wanted to know is what would you suggest a safe distance to run him,hes handled 3 miles at a trot with ease,but dont want to push him too far that it will physicly be bad for him.I'm aware that he needs to steadily be introduced to it and not just smack him out there on a 10 miler,but at what distance would it become dangerous? Checked his pads after the run and theyre fine,when i got back to take the other dog out he still wanted to go back with me
  13. Had 2 dogs with this problem,one scratched like f**k,the other just had missing fur on its back and tail,put some advocate on it and it hasnt come back since.i have a topic on it if you go on my name,only have pictures of the russell though not the dog with fur missing.
  14. Had something similar on both dogs,post some pics i might be able to help a little.
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