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  1. Seems A good price ideal for someone just starting
  2. Bronze turkeys 17 in total 3 hens 2yr old and cock 2 year old, 5 cocks off last year and 7 hens off last year, £20 each selling these for a mate so pm me and i'll get back to u
  3. 4 ferrets 2 3yr old 2 this years young About 30 purse nets nylon 10z 2 carry boxes 2 50yd quick sets 1 25yd quickset in 1 basket 1 25yd net Collection only Sunderland £130 Pm me
  4. i done a count till half way thru the season then stopped, just forgot all about counting them,
  5. Here's another 1 that needs to visit specsavers u will need a hospital bed
  6. you dont want to use spun poly for longnets tho its a bit heavy, its ok for short gate nets maybe but nothing over thats my opinion atb shaba
  7. like been said 100quid, maybe 120 in immuclate condition
  8. when u go out do it first like said, so there plenty of time incase the ferret decides to stop under
  9. theres nothing better than been in the sun in spain on the drink, hope its freezing for you all back home,

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      just popped on for 10min, to c whats happening on here why the my lass getting ready

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      no need to explain yourself fella.lol

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      Your pilot on the way wears a tuban :-}

  10. That is a good bargain, "if only you were closer" hahaha
  11. I use 8 poles for 50yds but it's down to what u prefer every 5 yds is what must people use
  12. I remember when I was first starting going out ferreting and my next door neighbour lost one and I remember after a couple of month he finely got it back after setting a few live traps after seen it go down a hole
  13. Spun poly your best option 4ft works out better but 3.6ft are spot on for most holes
  14. If you want to work the warren faster use more ferrets but if you got a lot of time the ferrets you have will do the job
  15. I don't mind either but I've just got 4 jills at the moment, 2 experienced and 2 young of this years litter which are ready to work now, both hobs and jills are good as each other in my eyes, only thing bad about Jill's is when they come into season u need to get them brought out, Atb Shaba
  16. You want to buy spun poly nets, stop away from them crappy 4z thin things they get tangled everywhere
  17. , 2/3 ferrets, 50 - 80nets, locator and 2 collars, double ferret box,decent spade, and some decents wellies or boots and some warm water proof clothes that should get you well away
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