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  1. Looking to but a quad in the next couple of weeks must be road legal. Any body know for one or know a good place to get a used one?
  2. Will give it a go tomorrow see if it works
  3. Posted this on another site but might get a bit more information on here. The last 3 evenings my misses has caught the pup eating her own crap! Now I'm pretty sure it's not down to stress as she's never on her own only for up to 4 hours maximum also she's walked twice a day. She's also fed twice aday but I've read it could be down to malnutrition she's fed on a puppy worker biscuit with a raw chicken veg and rice mix for opus any suggestions on how to stop this or what I can do to sort this out? Thanks
  4. No particular mix just a pup off grafters doing the job mate
  5. I'm gonna be looking to get a pup towards the end of this year, beginning of next. Looking for something out of all round dogs but nothing to heavy and with minimal bull, If anyone's planning a litter and think they may have something that would suit my needs get in touch via pm please. Thanks
  6. She's been fine today we did start crate training but the misses parents are home during the day so they keep an eye on her for us, she's actually really good tbf but it was just the last two days she was doing it I'm gonna pop her up the vets tomoz just for a quick check over after work
  7. Got a new pup she's 10 week old, she was knocked back quite a bit in her weight when we first got her due to worms but alls in order now. the problem I've got now tho is she's pissing every 5 mins! Up until yesterday she's been really good in going on paper when were out and whining at the door to be let out when we're home but yesterday and today she's been blatantly pissing in front of us and it's every 5 mins! Any ideas why this is?
  8. Can you send me your number again mate, I forgot to save it from last time we spoke? Atb
  9. Alright bud my mate wants to know if any of the bitches is available?
  10. That's is one beauty of a dog, if looks could kill your onto a winner
  11. How much Bull is in her, is it like this. that is a fine looking dog
  12. Any body planning any litters next year of Russell's? I will be looking for a pup out earth dogs not bushers or ratters... Please get in touch as would be interested. Pm me if you prefer just trying to get my feelers out now while I got plenty of time to look cheers
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