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  1. I will pass the msg on to the lad who owns the device. Thanks
  2. Garmain 320 hand held. With 2 x t5 mini coller. They connect to hand held but don't regester!!! Any one know who sorts them out. Thanks.
  3. Alright lads, I'm looking for some well bred irish harrier pups. Sir / dam must have good tounge. I've built my own small pack of harriers up. Pm Thanks.
  4. You want the garmain alpha 100 with tt15 collers.. Gps4us. Tell them you want it to work in uk/Ireland.
  5. I'm thinking of putting my Harrier stalion hound over a bitch not sure which road to go down.
  6. I've a couple have harriers starting to mark this year. One is as yough as 12months. I hunt 3and a half couples of harriers. All reared from pups. Except my 7th season bitch.
  7. Did the sd card give you full view of fields and hedges ect.? Mine gives me roads ect but it not 100% accurate.
  8. Shouldn't go far wrong with that dog. He is a nice type. All the best.
  9. Ill check this out need some thing soon. Dont see hounds usually for half a day.
  10. Ive just had a look at that it only works in the usa.
  11. Was it easy to down grade ot mate to get it to work in uk. Desperately need one for winter.
  12. Wow have you seen the price on them? £766 + £15 p+p.
  13. Ok no problem old dog. Hope the little pup comes grand for you.
  14. I would of had her back but i have couple of pups on at the min so no room. Her sisters ar at cumbria and they are fine.the lad that has them he is on hear perthishire keeper. I have kept a bitch and a dog. He the only dog left out of the litter. Black and tan dog had an accident at 14 months old. All the pups worked cant wait to get the bitch in pup next year. She should be ok for you old dog she has a great voice. Cwn-hela
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