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  1. Please can I come and buy this please?
  2. Parkemy 410 sbs good condition for age nice tight action £150 Location Basingstoke Berkshire
  3. Baikal 12 bore j18 single barrel in reasonable condition barrels clean no pitting i think the stock has been rubbed down and stained but it does look better than the usual one with terrible checker on the grips. Location Basingstoke Berkshire £45
  4. I got 10 purse nets and 5 poke nets i bought off andy kelly or a 100 meter long net
  5. Thanks guys it was good i love that little 410 i just cant get enough,yes the squirel is ferret food lol,mind i have got to try one sometime.
  6. Nice walk around with the 410 10 rabbits and 1 squirrel 4 bolting to the 410 6 in the net.
  7. Got A Couple Of Girls On The Sofa With Me And The Mrs Is Next To Me!
  8. Thanks again for the good advise guys .
  9. i have tried the dead rabbit and it works but i didn't have one the other day,sods law that's why i was waiting for ages , i think they will have to be brought out in a few months your right ,also i do have one jills who is great , great worker and she waits when she comes out ,i thin k you are right they are a bit immature at the moment . Thanks for your help guys .
  10. Yes mate they run very fast back to the hole even if you slightly move your foot that's it there gone
  11. Guys got 2 ferrets and they are only 4 months old ,they have been out rabbiting and they have worked well but it's come to a point o go down to pick them up from the hole and they just will not come out , they just keep running down the hole again , it's real annoying i was stood by a warren the other day for about 1.5 hours it was a joke you guys got any ideas,they always get handled and looked after real well the other i have is really good she is about 3 years old when she has worked the warren she comes out and waits to be picked up.
  12. Fair enough TC you are right you get what you pay for ,it does me ok , also fair enough say the gear is not premium quality i just cant stand people bad mouthing people its not right.
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