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  1. need about 30-50 nets today for tomorrows ferreting.....the farmer just been on phone and said he needs me up soon as..... he's found all the sets and hes on pulling all the obstacles away so we got clear ground for tomorrow and told me i need about 150 nets.... ANY NETS WILL DO...
  2. any one lost a ferret in east rainton???? i found it today ferrets
  3. ive had borders all my life i think they the best terrier.... ive had sum good digs.... cant fault them one bit
  4. i do the same [bANNED TEXT] nothing better than free ferret food
  5. they sell it on ebay [bANNED TEXT]....... and it shows you on youtube..... thats how i learned to do it
  6. hi..... ive recently getn a bsa airsporter but i dont no what mk it is...... it has bsa airsporter on the top of the gun.... i was wondering if anyone knew about them????
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