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  1. I’ll have a look cheers, been reading though the old posts and gzk seems to be mentioned quite a bit.
  2. What bands would anyone put on this and also where could I get them from? I was thinking about tbg but only get links to eBay and some I’ve bought before haven’t been that great. Cheers
  3. Hello what a start to the week. After a few enquires about ferreting on farrmers land I have been given permission to go ferreting on the largest farm. So now the work will begin has anyone got any advice how to tackle these rabbits. There's bloody hundreds of them. I don't want to disappoint. Any tips and pointers or advice on nets, ferrets will be good. I have two ferrets and a handful of nets. Thanks Kieren
  4. Hello everyone I'm a new member and finding it a little strange to use this site at the minute. Hopefully I'll get use it this and be able to use the site and forum properly soon. If anyone is in the Tiptree/ Colchester area in Essex and wouldnt mind me tagging along on some ferreting trips please let me know, I know a little but would like to learn more from people. I have a couple of kits at the minute and can't wait to get out with them when there a bit bigger.
  5. Right hello firstly, I'm looking hard in to getting a Bedlington terrier that I would like to get to work. So far I'm reading about how many of them are show dogs and although I guess they can work, aren't really the real deal? Is this the case or are the old working dogs still around? I'm not rushing into this and will look hard into it first. Just wondered what people thoughts are on these dogs and are some bedlingtons better than others?
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