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  1. As been said 6 month but don't expect it to be good, have a experienced ferret there to guide it along and do small warrens
  2. Coming up to this time of year a load of people want them
  3. £2600, phone the number mate, its my mates bike so dont no much about it
  4. i think there a cheap place in washington near sunderland, called monument aquarium i remember one of me mates getting a full set up for cheap, if thatany help mate
  5. advertising this for a mate so dont contact me about it as title says susuki k5 model 1000cc + power commander in top condition on a 54 plate v5 + track bike tax and tested lots of uprades (to many to list) any queries conact 07538293752 if there no answer he be working so try on the evening time may swap for car, van or jeep this bike is not for the faint hearted 200mph+
  6. I had a look up my land the other week for a mooch to see what's about for the coming season and there was nothing about, when I asked th farmer if he seen much he says since the bad rain he hasn't seen much about
  7. He is round the bend asking silly money for that
  8. I like to work Jill's myself but everyone to there own, I start working them at 6 month but I use a experienced ferret with them to help them along, and as the season gets on I start putting them in bigger burrows, then by the end if the season they can work an average burrow by themselfs, then the next season they be ok to work all, it's best to keep ferrets in groups as they are very sociable little things, put stuff in there hutch for them to play on, mine like to climb alot, build a run off ya hutch but make sure it's got a good floor too( ie concrete floor)
  9. I start working mine at 6 month with a experienced ferret on small burrows then as it gets the experience put it in larger ones then by the close to end of season she can work the big burrows
  10. Mine is Peter Andre mysterious girl
  11. Aye jbs is the one I ordered my net off
  12. There a lad selling them on eBay £30 + £5.50 p+p, I've just ordered one so I will tell ya what they like
  13. He be singing when I'm cleaning window when he locked up
  14. Are u serious 20yards for £50????
  15. 20yd for £50 haha u can buy then brand new for half that price
  16. You could go to a steel fabricator and they could make you one, even better if u know one, I've got a mate making me one for the front
  17. Ya best off buying a new one mate it's very rare a collar will come up for sale, Ian hodge is the cheapest place I've found to buy them, I think they £59 but not 100% sure
  18. Im a virgin too haha welcome to the site, ATBshaba
  19. Welcome to the forum mate atb shaba
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