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  1. neem oil is brilliant , comes from a tree in india i think and the seeds are what are sometimes used in rosery beads its a marvellous tree , i swear by it , it has loads of applications plants and animals
  2. jigsaw hows the dog getting on ? sorry not been on here for seems ages ..
  3. Thinking of getting a Deben lamping kit , for the roof of the 4x4 I have just bought, which has a hole cut out already, which is the best one? LED, Bulb, Dimmable/non-dimmable etc etc......
  4. bet shes got a fanny like a vandalised bus seat..
  5. who on here does dog wormers , the good ones that kill lungworm etc ,and that except paypal..? brought some last year , brilliant but forgot who i got them off..?
  6. doesn't matter who you vote for, they all come into power with 1 house and leave with 8..? darcy is that one of the nolans in your avatar..?
  7. if the floots a bit uneven/shit get a bag of self levelling compound mix poor on , and then you,ll have a good surface to start from .. like everything its all in the prep
  8. i had some beswick ,figures running dogs etc and they all had that ,almost rubber stamp logo ,underneath ? made in england dates it..
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