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  1. What you lads using to poke squirrel dreys
  2. Can someone give me a heads up ,where’s the best place place to buy one cheers
  3. Is it true that incubated hens tend not to go broody? Something I overheard today
  4. Can someone tell me if I require a license to use a Larsen trap for Magpies ,how much are they .
  5. Just been caught by one of these yellow beasts and I’m not one for speeding , what’s the best device or app go give a warning that there on the road cheers
  6. Can anyone give me a guesstimate for the cost of a thumb wheel (for the Ma 1 knocker box ) to be made with a 3D printer cheers , is it cheap ?
  7. Does anyone know if he breed off his springer x patterdale;did some great write ups and short films
  8. Does anyone know what is the best way or which form needs to be filled in Cheers
  9. Interested in a DVD can you pm details on how to pay cheers
  10. Two dogs on done deal Donegal look like they have potential 12month old at working men's price
  11. Does any body know if there are any meetings still being held at Ashley &Tyldesley Miners ?
  12. Is it possible to buy it on line anywhere without a perscription. If not it's a trip to the vets then.
  13. You don't want that model holes in bezel will give light spill try NIght -Scout they have the later model with no holes hope this helps
  14. Try aldi digital vernier gauge think there around a tenner should do the job
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