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  1. I'm over it I'm starting a don't you love this hot bird in her polo neck jumper and jeans topic hahaha
  2. he has not told any for a bit.. i recon hes had the hard word... Listen racist mod no more be warned or you will be stripped of mod title And go back to having no power like the rest of the members Sorry Ian lollollol
  3. How is racist mod paulus going to get on ?????
  4. just like pigeon watch , but hey when you own the site your entitled to make the rules And you and pip will be the brown nose kunts left
  5. Down the f***ing pan, the f***ing mods will love it dishing out warning points out There will only mods and brown nose kunts left
  6. Can't post fcuk all about hunting now can't post sexy pics
  7. Exactly 4 years ago today this happened. And it never gets old! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA8f0tAD3vA
  8. Not to sure if this has been up before Tomo and forest of redneck are now a couple
  9. Start it on open forum nowt to hide
  10. Has anyone got a spare pair of pants.....I've just pissed mine hahaha

    1. pip1968


      get another pair out the charity shop lol

    2. low plains drifter
    3. the_stig


      laughing at matt the rats southern humour

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