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  1. I will take this if it's still available
  2. Please send any questions to the mobile number on thread as pm's may not be checked daily. just to clarify, the quad without the tracks is not for sale, either a full package with tracks and quad or just the tracks. there is also a full set of good tyres and wheel if bought as a package
  3. Camoplast tatou t4s track conversion kit for atv's . If you are looking at these you will appreciate how good these Canadian kits are and how much they transform the ability of an atv. The tracks come with a fitting kit for a foreman 450 es. These tracks give a ground pressure of less than 0.5psi (human foot average 7psi) and provide unrivalled traction as well as improving the ground clearance and stability of the atv. They were bought for a moorland job of spreading seed on sssi sites where minimum ground damage was a priority and have had very little use. The belts are as new. Provides
  4. If your gun is proofed for 3 inch magnum cartridges then using 50g cartridges will be fine, I use use 56g cartridges in my old sxs without any problems. If you are using steel however then it is very important you check to see which chokes are proofed for steel with your gun, usually no more than half choke.
  5. didn't think shovelers were on the list http://www.basc.org.uk/en/departments/game-and-gamekeeping/game-shooting/shooting-seasons.cfm Think you will find they are
  6. A gadwall A teal A mallard And lost a shoveler Can't wait for the evening flight. Sunday shooting of wildfowl is a regional thing and only banned in some areas, luckily not around here.
  7. I am looking at getting some new tyres for my fourtrak, the ones on it at the moment are nexen all terrain and are rubbish. I do most of my miles on the road but during the duck season use it on wet fields boggy gateways ect so need a good all terrain tyre. The ones on it are 255-70-15, I have looked at the bf goodrich but the nearest size I can find is 235-75-15, not knowing too much about tyres I think this means the ones already on it would be 20mm bigger than the ones I would be putting on. Am I correct in thinking there is 20mm differance in width? Would the size differance mean
  8. This is the 8'x8' ladder trap we made last year, I have recently set it back up again.
  9. Get yourself to a range with somebody experienced and try a few different makes and gr ammo. Make sure you only fire 3 or 4 shots and then let the barrel cool off. If the person you take with you can get good groupings then it is you at fault, if niether of you can get good groupings and the obvious things are all ok like scope tight, ammo not clipping moderator, moderator on tight ect then it may be a case of finding some ammo your rifle likes. My tikka lite in .223 loves 55gr hornady (thumb nail groups of 4) but groupings are about 4 inch apart with the superfast 53gr ones, my zero shifts 2
  10. Would I need to strengthen the suspension or do any other modifications if I made up a bracket to go on the front of the chassis behind the bumper, I am asking because a few winch's I have looked at come in at 30-40kg or would it be ok to just fit the winch.
  11. I will take this please,please pm me prefered payment method
  12. I was just wondering how much work would be involved in fitting a winch to my fourtrak. I aren't wanting to pull myself up cliff's, it would only ever be used if I got stuck in boggy mud in gateway ect. As I have AT tyres fitted and not mud tyres I thought it may be a good idea as a back up for future. Would I be able to just attatch it to the bull bar on the front of the car, I would presume the bull bar will be fixed to the chassis so could I just make a bracket up to attach it directly to the bull bar.
  13. Not sure if this picture will upload but my first squirrel in my homemade bodygrip trap. First of many I hope.
  14. Here's a good one, might have a go at a couple myself.
  15. Put a live cage trap down, catch it and then give it some lead away from prying eyes.
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