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  1. I need a 250 yard long net if anyone selling pls message me or have any long nets
  2. I want to start up pike fishing can any one give me any tips and advice in what I need and how much cheers Jamie
  3. I'm in stoke make I want about 250 quid mate for job lot
  4. For just the locators and box or every thing my friend
  5. I've got 63 nets in well working order 1 carrying box fits 3 ferrets in two mark 3 collers and a mark 3 box in good working order contact me on 07528687465
  6. Does any one no the date on shugborough hall game fair yet
  7. Does any one no when shugborough hall game is this year
  8. Hi I'm after some net making kits if any one sealing any let no please Thanks Jamie
  9. lol have you got one for sale mate
  10. Any as long as it puts in me gun lol what's the differents mate
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