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  1. Wolsingham Show Terriers and Lurchers on the Sunday.
  2. £1500 for the bitch. £1000 for dog pup.
  3. Still a few pups left.
  4. There are Teckel pups ready now, North East, bred from imported working lines. My mate has 3 bitches and 3 dogs. If interested phone for details. Lee 07724 386973
  5. I will get some photos, its only videos i've got just now. I'm well pleased with these two. Some deerstalking friends of mine, have them for blood tracking, and another has one for his ferreting.
  6. Good looking Teckels, and great bushing dogs. My two are coming on very well, and always hunting up.
  7. @campbellsantiques Will post
  8. There are 3 pups left. North East if anyone interested.
  9. Sad News Richie, she was good, and had a good life.
  10. My friend had a litter of Teckels from imported working parents. The one on top is the new one. If interested, contact Lee, on 07724 386973 Northumberland, near Whitley Bay You can look on Seaton Valley Deerhound site also. Regards Dave
  11. If your interested, i'm sure he has a couple of pups left, dog pups £500
  12. Gin

    Man Cave.

    Brilliant set-up Richie, i like that a lot. Hope to see it soon.
  13. http://www.acleatherwork.co.uk/index.html Very good indeed.
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