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  1. Good to see your back on here. Those knives my friends got, are still getting plenty of use.
  2. Gin

    Sir Johnny Scott

    We had him in our Countryside marquee for a time, with the hounds he was part of
  3. Its a good forecast for today, so should be a good day.
  4. Gin

    Danny Baker Sacked

    You just wouldn't, would you. It was astonishing , he did that. How could anyone think that was funny. I don't think Danny Baker will work again.
  5. Gin

    Question Time Tonight

    Farage was brilliant.
  6. Blanchland is always a good show, in a lovely place.
  7. NOTE Sunday 12th this year.
  8. This is the advert for last years show, but it had address and postcode etc for this years.
  9. Gin

    Finished this today

    Very nice work.
  10. Gin

    classic restoration?

    One of the best rifles I used.