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  1. I lost most of last season to an infected nail bed which then got into the toe bone... My fault, but that's another story. Long story short, in and out of vets, weeks of antibiotics, money money money.. Do yourself a favour and get the vet to do a swab sample, get it sent off to a lab so they can prescribe the correct antibiotics. Then just buy the prescription from them and buy the antibiotics online.. Last thing you want is to be filling the dog with the wrong antibiotics for weeks while the infection gets worse. If it gets into the toe bones it'll be your season over..
  2. Anybody recently took there dog to France or other eu countries? How long does the passport take once application sent? I understand a rabies vaccination is required and certificates of worm treatment? Also can the dog go to France and return the same day? I've heard that the dog has to be seen by a vet in France 24hours before returning to the uk?
  3. Yes! That must be the posh word for them haha! Vrrrrrm!
  4. Personally I haven't used the ruberoid rubber stuff but been on jobs with it.. It's a giant puncture repair kit, don't fancy it myself.. Single ply easily pierced... Whereas the fibreglass goes hard, like I could drop a tile on it and barely scratch it.. The 3 layer torch on felt would be my second choice.. Should get 40 years out of the fibreglass and about 25 out of the felt.. If done properly.. I'd be just as concerned with the "putting right" job. Lots of lads who only do flat roofing quite often make a lovely job of the flat roof but bodge any valleys or verges back in that may have b
  5. Fibreglass £60 per m2 including boarding. May be cheaper for the bigger jobs.. Very good when done right... As has been said above 2mm planer round the edge to take the pre moulded trims as to stop the thin layer of water puddling.. Also as has been said osb is a must, not ply... And no moisture whatsoever before or recently after... Preparation is key... Charts for catalyst to resin ratios can be found easily on the internet... Using 600gr matting and using the resin UNDER and OVER the matting, it will NOT crack.. Failing that 3 layer torch on felt is also a very good roof when done pro
  6. Would there be no noticeable difference at all between a 4 and an 8 baffle mod on the .22 hornet? Say weight and length was irrelevant and you needed the quietest .22 centre fire possible would it not be worth putting an 8 baffle on a hornet, changing the subject slightly but is a well moderated .22hornet any quieter than say a well moderated .222 or .223?
  7. Where are you in the south east? Anybody know the laws on where you can shoot them? Like out on open water? How far from the shore? Or what?
  8. A better dog man than me told me not so long ago that a line bred animal is only as good as the line it has come from.. So there will be some shite line bred animals and some exceptional line bred animals same as worker to worker... Only difference is that with line breeding you will know what your getting..
  9. Thanks mate, Infection has totally gone and toe is back to normal, the nail is just stating to grow back again... Hes been back out running but his fitness is not what it should be for this time of year.. lots of bike work and more running should see him come good again..
  10. I put up a similar post on here about two and a half years ago, I was fed up of the gumtree ads, shite after shite, to many ball wuppet grayounds on there. The amount of crap for sale on the facebook groups has to be seen to be believed, constantly the same names swapping dog after dog after chicken. Lots of photos of sad looking dogs in shithole gardens... Had some cracking offers from folk on here, only wanted a little rabbit dog but ended up with a horse of a saluki lurcher! Best thing I did was buy him, Hes cost me a few sky remotes and a sofa among other things, but met some decent la
  11. My deerhound lurcher would make a much better pet than my saluki lurcher.. Ol deerhoundy would be content with a little run round every day but the dog with the lungs needs working, he craves it I'm sure..
  12. Never have trouble holding weight on mine, hes on about 2 sky remotes a week and whatever the c@nt pulls out the bin... Seriously, sardines in tomato sauce, raw eggs, raw chicken wings, slice of brown bread and "pet mince" from the butchers...
  13. I've got a 1.7dti astra van which I had remapped a couple of months ago. Used to drive nice, not very quick but not terribly sluggish.. Now it drives like a bag of shite.. Two huge flat spots in the rev range, it is certainly faster and pulls a bit better, then you hit the flat spot, feels like the engine cuts out.. Took it back to the garage that remapped it and they said there must be a problem with the motor and the remap has exaggerated the problem.. I don't know but I wish I hadn't bothered now.. If you want a faster or more economical motor buy a faster or more economical motor woul
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