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  1. Yeah , don't be a stranger No don't know those fellas but I'm sure you had some good banter
  2. Hi Daryl ,I went round with lighthunter and Tom the Swindon lads
  3. Hi Daryl, we must if crossed paths as I was there also . It was the first time I had shot during the day in months and it showed scored 43 with an AA mpr.Definitely give it another bash
  4. http://www.rapid7ownersclub.com/index.php?sid=8171348a633704b877d13965958a9dd4 Another good source of information
  5. I use a Challenger dsa I bought frog Scott Country was about £45 delivered.
  6. :clapper: The best post on this thread
  7. Stan you aught to give up being a football pundit 5-0 indeed lol
  8. Hopefully the Toffee's will turn yous over ,just for the p*** take Toffee's 2-1
  9. PIL


    He's definitely a c*** lol
  10. The Stig is on a jolly at the minute
  11. PIL

    Salmond Ha Ha

    Good enough post wilf, and your right, if there's a next time and it's maybe a lot more thought out with all questions being answered with solid answers then I for one would be voting yes!Spot on Wilf and lukey Everyone is getting the blame apart from the one person who didn't have the answers , only "scaremongering" and "hope" . Well the SNP have got about 35yrs to sort the answers out or are they going to wait 33 years then rush something through like they did this time? If that Sturgeon *spelling had any decency about her she aught to hand her notice in as well as she was spouting the same
  12. I might be wrong Tomo (not the first time today lol ) it might be the chemicals in the stuff , if you do try and use it wear a breathing mask to protect you from the vapour
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