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  1. Aye, some big fields round here likes lol. Stubble that would make yeh weep Cannae imagine moving from Scotland. I stalk some of the most stunning hills anywhere. No everbody loves it though. Happy Larry
  2. I notice that no one disagrees with me ! He truley is a hero. A man of his time, a great of the `s and an unforgettable character of that decade.
  3. Hello mate. I`m sitting here smoking a big cigar as we speak ! haha bring the mutt down here for a walk and we can shoot the shit about twat neighbours lol Long time no speak bud hope all is well., About time we caught up proper. Mark
  4. I won`t have a word said against Boy George. Total hero. Great DJ a man of his time.
  5. Tell you what mate. you make a small stainless blade non locking folder with an interesting handle for £100 or so and I`ll buy the first one. No questions or haggles, I`ll take it just to get the ball rolling. Hows that for a deal ? you provide and I``ll pay. You have the talent and I`ll have the cash.
  6. Nice knife. I`m always looking for a nice homemade folder but not with that blade. I would take all the comments on the chin bud , they are meant in good faith, and I wouldn`t insult others with "can`t afford" comments cause plenty can. You`ll find that if you make the knife that someone off here happens to be looking for you`ll get a sale. Just ask Midnight. I have a number of those buggers. Have to say though, a nice antler handle is the best thing you could do to an Opinel.
  7. Got loads. Swallows on my hands, Loads of the old miners round my way had them and I always liked em. Arms have a few and I have a few on my chest (agony to get done) I like em all. I have my very first tattoo still. Bit faded and shit, but it`s mine.
  8. around the £250 - £300 mark I should imagine rob Not a chance I`m afraid. A signed print would make many times that. The original would run into 10`s of thousands.
  9. Not a print that I`m after though. I`d pay through the nose for the original. As an initial guess, I doubt I`d get much change from 20k if it went to auction.
  10. I have a fair amount of funds available for The Poacher if it was ever to come up for sale. Will never happen though, although I`d pay whatever it took to own it though.
  11. Why should he.? If I invited him to my home I`d have the respect to make something suitable for him. He`d be making an effort making something I like but to his beliefs. Why would that be an issue for you ? And the Vegan stuff he`s made tastes excellent by the way.
  12. Am sitting next to a Vegan now as I type. Nice lad, clever and puts some effort into his food. Just had a Vegan shortcake type thing with my cup of tea,, Was braw likes. Not all are nutters. He actually admires people who take responsibility for there food and catch their own.
  13. Just take it easy when you first get out and about. That area is a bit hot due to a few who are well into the game and not shy about it. The cops are dicks up here for hunting. The area is stunning, head a wee bit South and you are in a hunting wilderness paradise mate. And chill, Scots don`t hate the English, we just love making them think we do. Welcome mate, and my kettle is always on.
  14. Been after an original for a few years now but none yet .
  15. My stalking knife is an EKA swingblade with a tripe blade which is brilliant for gutting, but for rabbits , any sharp knife will do the job.
  16. Yup I wear loads of hats At the mo I wear "Baker boy" style flat caps. (Think Peaky Blinders) I wear a few beanies that the missus has knitted for me as well.
  17. No, it`s not Steve. It`s a guy called Grant. Good site likes.
  18. I use a forum called detecting Scotland and they have big organised digs. Few guys do the research and get the permission then 40 or so members go along and pay maybe £7 or so for a days detecting. I wanted to try that before annoying my farmers for permission in case I never stuck to it, but like I say, it`s addictive. I`ll be hitting a long term permission next week.
  19. Out again today and found an 1856 silver shilling. A "young Victoria" head coin. Bit worn but pretty nice. This malarky is getting even more addictive.
  20. Yup Waste of web time imo. Law already covers this.
  21. Rake aboot


    Stay right outside Edinburgh. It`s an excellent place with shitloads to do that you would never think about. Old town is great for a walk about, plenty good gigs and hundereds of superb little boozers. Museums and gardens are excellent. Loads of places very local as well. PM me if yeh want. What sort of places you looking at ? culture, mountain biking , climbing, drinking ?
  22. Supersport is a bigger action if I remember correctly . Lightning is a lovely wee gun
  23. I`m sitting opposite one as I type and he`s a properly sound bloke. Vegan, but respects the reasons that I hunt. Knows some cracking recipes as well.
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