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  1. Anyone got a spare flexi tip for a dr5 lance, reasonable price paid + postage thanks
  2. His twitter feed is worth a look Says something when his followers are in the 10's of thousands
  3. ponte

    Little Boy Blue

    Enjoining the program - very sad, real to life program What concerns me is...... plod turned the accused murders homes over..and planted listening devices covertly Plod will say "we use any means to get the murders or terrorist" Is it going to be custom and practice on every raid to fit listening devices in your home no matter what you are accused of... Worrying times
  4. 1 million signed petition 63 million abstained A think that says it all
  5. Jsb exact, pellet on pellet with my 410
  6. I have one that's surplus to requirements Good condition .22 Scope Bag Will put it in for sale bit when a get chance
  7. What's the difference between a bsa supersport and bsa lightning Thanks
  8. Does it come with the charging bottle
  9. I have some earthdogs I would sell 83 magazines Early 2000 Mainly 2003 2004 2006 2007 £40 Pontefract West Yorkshire Approximately 50p each
  10. Excellent video by Clive Am new to putanges ( second winter of using them) but not new to moles trapping Like others I have requested and received answers regarding using them, off various members, including Clive, thank you But ..... these videos really do educate potential CLIENTS + have a go gardeners I personally think basic videos on duffus and talpex don't really educate the masses... Clive's putange vids do The first video has Best part of 5000 views on YouTube, I dare bet most of them are not professional trappers
  11. Quality binoculars come in to there own when the light starts fading I have a pair of Leica geovid 10x42 rangefinder binoculars that I might sell
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