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  1. DanielG

    first one for a few years

    cost me a tenners worth of arrow LOL
  2. DanielG

    first one for a few years

    can you see the robinhood ? its been a few years since my last bows at 47#
  3. DanielG

    first one for a few years

    15 yard practice
  4. DanielG

    British deer records

    wank,r LOL funny though cheers Dan
  5. DanielG

    British deer records

    whats the biggest deer killed in your area, all species ,body weight, antler measurements. i hear thetford has the biggest reds, whats the biggest fallow buck killed in uk ? whats the biggest roe ever killed here ? Lets talk British deer !
  6. DanielG


  7. DanielG

    Log burner

    my old spaniel when she was young, caught the hair on her head alight and didnt even notice LOL I had to put it out LOL
  8. DanielG

    Log burner

    its a dogs life LOL
  9. DanielG

    Log burner

    cant beat a open fire
  10. DanielG

    YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    hopefully it will all blow over soon i remember about 10 years ago ebay were stopping the sale of certain taxidermy due to bad media publicity but it was sorted out within a few weeks although i lost a sale on a zebra skin rug because of it
  11. DanielG

    YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    cant see that happening !
  12. DanielG

    Wheaton /bull/foxhound/saluki/grey

    They made a lovely catch between em on friday lunchtime, the pup did great
  13. a moose weighs about the same as 40 muntjac lol
  14. is that your pm trudeau ?
  15. DanielG

    please be carful

    Have to be a real cnut to do that