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    Garmin 320 t 5 mini Excellent condition comes with uk ordinance map loaded on receiver


  2. DanielG


    View Advert Garmin 320 for sale Garmin 320 t 5 mini Excellent condition comes with uk ordinance map loaded on receiver Advertiser DanielG Date 04/04/22 Price Sold Category Miscellaneous
  3. that would be great ! take care mate
  4. perfect thanks mate Hows your new dog getting along ? will check them out there only half hour away the last 2 times its been the last didget, but im sure the first time it was the second nuckle but cant be sure as i poped it straight back in all the best Sean cheers Dan
  5. I read you can get the tendon stitched which is what I think causes the dislocation Looking for a greyhound vet ? Cheers all
  6. ive read you can get the damaged tendon stitched
  7. Hello everyone my lurcher dislocated his toe in january on a run and it happened again 2 weeks ago and again last night in our garden. its his outside front left toe at the joint closest to his nail can anyone recomend a greyhound vet for me as im planning on getting it stitched ? or any other recommendations ? cheers Dan
  8. View Advert Aya yeoman o/u 12bore ejector 1/4 and 1/2 In good working condition Some scratches and wear Action is nice and tight Advertiser DanielG Date 15/06/19 Price £100.00 Category Shotguns  
  9. View Advert Beretta ulrika 391 20bore M/c 28" barrel 3" Had very little use, was wifes gun Will shoot 3" shells and has very light recoil Advertiser DanielG Date 08/06/19 Price £500.00 Category Shotguns  
  10. cost me a tenners worth of arrow LOL
  11. can you see the robinhood ? its been a few years since my last bows at 47#
  12. wank,r LOL funny though cheers Dan
  13. whats the biggest deer killed in your area, all species ,body weight, antler measurements. i hear thetford has the biggest reds, whats the biggest fallow buck killed in uk ? whats the biggest roe ever killed here ? Lets talk British deer !
  14. wha...........................................................................
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