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  1. f***ing disgusting wtf is wrong with the world
  2. I fully agree we all pay out taxes and all deserve protection
  3. Most of the manufacturers have removed it now as it causes popcorn lung but I agree with you we have no idea what we're doing remember doctors told ppl to smoke once to help with stress :/
  4. Been on the ecig for 2 years best thing I ever did but f**k me it's never out my mouth:(
  5. Cheers mate should have said crow not crown shooting lol
  6. Hi just wondering if anyone had a section 1 shotgun for "vermin control" not just pigeon and Crown shooting
  7. Anyone tried the gamebore pigeon extreme 34g 5s ?
  8. Trigger has a long pull and even when adjusted still not brill pal but I have one and it's a good rifle apart from the trigger
  9. I have one mate fab rifle but the trigger is not great even when adjusted still a long pull
  10. Hey guys just wondering what people's views are on best all round vermin/rough shooting cartridge is I like a 70mm 32g 5 myself but know a lot of people prefer heavier or smaller shot ?
  11. It's funny you ask that jok but unfortunately not my mate
  12. It is proved that if any other organisation acted like the rspca they would have been closed down and directors jailed, they lie, they pervert the course of justice and the victimise law abiding sports men and women countrywide.... I don't know if you can tell but I don't have much time for them lot !!!!
  13. And cheers to everyone who said hello
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