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  1. Tried to pm you pal. It would appear your inbox is full. Jok

  2. And another. Doc 200 same effect as hitting them with a sledgehammer :0
  3. Fen box still seeing plenty of action. It stay out all year next to the compost cone. Takes approx 20 rats per year.
  4. Go for it. In my opinion sharing ideas is the whole point of forums like this.
  5. Didn't have to wait long to find out the design definitely works. Brutal power with the DOC 200. Mr rat didn't know what hit him.
  6. Yes increases the power a bit but also the spacer between keeps the springs from sliding along and keeps them working at their full potential. Not had them self destruct yet and used them off & on over the past couple of years.
  7. Nice catch. Love the DOC traps. Easy to set and crazy power.
  8. Sorry bud, a bit late to reply but just saw your question. Kill bars made from heavy wire & bent in a vice with two 90 degree bends. Think i cut those ones out of an old oven rack. Drill a couple of holes in the victor & tap them in with a drop of epoxy or super glue.
  9. Was given a couple of broken DOC traps a couple years back. Finally got round to fixing them and made a couple of boxes to see how they preform. Bait basket on the underside of the lid which is inaccessible when lid is closed stops the victims buddy making a meal of the bait. Cable tie indicator so at a glance trap can b checked without opening lid.
  10. Mice in the shed again so I dug out the modded victor boxes. Caught two at the same time on the first setting. I can't quite work out how they are both lying on their backs....can only think they were on their way back out when it cracked them. Their heads are folded at 90 degrees to their bodies.
  11. My sort of knife....100% recycled.
  12. Either you are fast at making knives riohog ......or you are making about £6 per hour. Nice looking pair of knives.
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