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  1. GruffaloGriff

    Yin & Yang

    Yes but in 250 years Socks will have honed his skills enough to make you a replacement as good as Nic's.
  2. GruffaloGriff

    Yin & Yang

    Stunning work as usual Nicolas, ebony is a nice addition to your show-case. Regards Griff
  3. GruffaloGriff

    🦌🦌 Antler coat hook 🦌🦌

    I like that. Very classy.
  4. GruffaloGriff

    A gentsknife for me :D

    Nice evolution of the original. Great job!
  5. GruffaloGriff

    A Norse with SanMai

    I like it!
  6. GruffaloGriff

    One more with walnut

  7. GruffaloGriff

    My first few

    Nice work
  8. GruffaloGriff

    One with damascus for WMG

    Gathering bits for the press. Have the ram, a PTO driven 28 gallon per min pump, the front frame off a forklift for the main frame. Looking for a big hydraulic tank...have a beer keg so may use that. Then just a double action spool valve and some hydraulic pipe and i can think about assembly!
  9. GruffaloGriff

    One with damascus for WMG

    They Just keep getting better!!!!!! Love Damascus blades.
  10. GruffaloGriff

    Waste oil forge

    Well i bought a ram.......think it is big enough? 6"bore! 200 bar should give 36 tonne if my calcs are right. P1090483 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr
  11. GruffaloGriff

    sharp stuff....

    Very capable looking knife. Nice Job!
  12. GruffaloGriff

    Waste oil forge

    Don't have an account but was thinking of joining so that may spur me on.
  13. GruffaloGriff

    Waste oil forge

    fantastic! I would love the spec on that press. Motor size, pump flow rate etc. Definitely on the cards to make.
  14. GruffaloGriff

    A Jäger with drop point blade

    Superb! I like the extra curve on the sambar.
  15. GruffaloGriff

    Waste oil forge

    I didn't have the time..... so i bought one.