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  1. Well i think my rat in the garage turned out to be mice but......it is flat packing them as fast as i can set it! Shows how effective this set-up is. The only way in to the bait is over the kill bar. It pretty much cuts them in half.
  2. Bought some Victors a while back but never got round to modding them. Had a rat chewing up insulation in the garage this week so it gave me the incentive to get them done. Fitted a kill bar and a perspex spring spacer to the traps. Fixed them in a box with a couple of screws so they can pivot out to set them. Just set them so will see how i get on. Griff
  3. They are basically vinyl stickers. My brother in law did a bit of sign writing with his job. I made up the logo and he put it in his machine at work and cut out a bunch of them from scrap vinyl. Griff
  4. Hello, what electrolyte are you using? Your logos look very very crisp!!! 




  5. Looks good I got stencils made up for my makers mark and electric etch them. P1080036 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr P1080230 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr
  6. I've seen some deer farms in Scotland with sheds full of red deer antlers. It would be worth googling deer farms and contacting direct if you are wanting any quantity of them. I have a stocker i go by once a year and buy antlers work out about £5 per antler buying £100 worth. Deer farms about the same. Griff
  7. Nice one Ant. Love the resin work. My lad has bee trying a bit of the epoxy resin projects. ATB Griff
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