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  1. GruffaloGriff

    A Jäger with damascus and sambar

    That's a real beauty! As much a work of art as a piece of engineering!
  2. GruffaloGriff

    sharp stuff

    Very nice looking knives!
  3. GruffaloGriff

    The Africa Jäger

    Very nice! Is the etched palm tree x swords a new maker mark or specific to client? Griff
  4. GruffaloGriff

    sharp stuff

    Looking good. Those will be nice blades.
  5. GruffaloGriff

    A Wanderer with sexy ambar sambar stag

    Nicholas the just better & better!
  6. GruffaloGriff

    restored open fire crane

    Nice. I love to see vintage stuff restored. I had one and turned t into a crane for the kids climbing frame.
  7. GruffaloGriff

    The gut hook will gut ......

    Not to be used for picking belly button fluff!
  8. GruffaloGriff

    How to make a crab/lobster pot.

    Nice video.
  9. GruffaloGriff

    How to make a crab/lobster pot.

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  10. GruffaloGriff

    Little and large ........

    Very nice.
  11. GruffaloGriff

    Herb chopper

    Thats classy mate.
  12. GruffaloGriff

    Course stone suggestions?

    A flap disc on an angle grinder gives a quick re-grind. Be careful not to blue the blade... if it a new disc and you don't put too much pressure on it will be fine. Dip in water if you think it is getting too hot. Also great for sharpening axes. Griff
  13. GruffaloGriff

    a drop point Jäger with damascus

    Fantastic craftsmanship
  14. GruffaloGriff

    One for a royal navy commander

    Work of art
  15. GruffaloGriff

    One for a royal navy commander

    Love the detail on the brass spacers....any chance of a close up? Griff