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  1. Lukey12

    Polecat bolting rabbit

    What would price be on a piece like that rob?
  2. Lukey12

    Summer hunting

    Kendal district otter hounds? Nice find
  3. Lukey12

    Galv panels

    Thanks to dogmad riley i picked up 2 galv panels from him...... if anyone has anymore for sale let me know cheers
  4. Lukey12

    Galv panels

    I am after 3 galv panels 1 with gate.... before i buy new just seeing if anyone has any for sale around yorkshire cheers fellas
  5. Lukey12

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Plummer x russel... i know all you guys love a plummer haha
  6. Lukey12

    show me your collie whippet

    Cheers mate she is 4 now...
  7. Lukey12

    show me your collie whippet

    Collie whippet grey bitch
  8. Lukey12

    Trying to capture the essence.

    Tried to pm but inbox is full... i would be willing to pay a few bob for one mate if you could and if you have the time... cheers
  9. Lukey12

    Trying to capture the essence.

    What you charging for something like that mate... good work
  10. Any brickies around south yorkshire?
  11. Lukey12

    Dog programme

    Good programme on animal planet now about all different breeds of dogs and thier purpose for hunting guarding etc
  12. Lukey12

    struggling to keep weight on my springer spaniel

    She does look abit thin on the back end mate get some fatty meat into her diet
  13. Lukey12

    Knowing the right time

    Im dreading the day I have to do the same mate but like you say everyone knows there own dog and know when the time is right