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  1. I have the lamping collection with all 3 dvd's... make me an offer
  2. Any of the above around south yorkshire way? Cheers
  3. Any gardener/landscaper around south yorkshire? Cheers
  4. Sent ya a pm mate 

    1. sambo123


      Can't see it mate there's nowt in my inbox

  5. Check ya inbox pal

  6. Hi I have just taken on an allotment and now im in need of everything from tools sheds flagstones timber etc etc if you think you have anything of interest/useful for an allotment let me know please guys i will collect south yorkshire area.... thanks
  7. What would price be on a piece like that rob?
  8. Kendal district otter hounds? Nice find
  9. Lukey12

    Galv panels

    Thanks to dogmad riley i picked up 2 galv panels from him...... if anyone has anymore for sale let me know cheers
  10. Lukey12

    Galv panels

    I am after 3 galv panels 1 with gate.... before i buy new just seeing if anyone has any for sale around yorkshire cheers fellas
  11. Plummer x russel... i know all you guys love a plummer haha
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