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  1. shepp

    Fury v wilder

  2. shepp

    The New Defender...

    I have a Freelander 2 which I bought off my fathers friend, it’s been a reliable motor from new. Pas for the Jimney, good off road but very little room inside and horrible on the road. Done 125,000 miles, mostly around town.
  3. shepp

    Wanted any old venom tuned air rifle

    Most of PCP's with Venom stamped on them are not real Venom's, they are just using the name and the Venom team have never laid a hand on them. In fact they are often made in Korea or Turkey.
  4. shepp

    4 youths stabbed in london

    Reading has more than it's fair share of 'enrichment'
  5. shepp

    Is Mr Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser?

    He is more a terrorist fraternizer.
  6. shepp


    Definitely not .177 fingers!
  7. shepp

    Scrap men

    I guess you do have a point
  8. shepp

    Scrap men

    I have worked hard all my life taking trains into London to work on building sites at 6.00am or working for myself 6 days a week. Done pretty well with a nice house nearly paid for and a good bit in the bank. But doing well by your own graft is a bit different to exploiting others with pittyfull wages who are often trafficked into the country. Paying no tax to cover the services you are using and that would be the best we can be expecting from him. You would probably be saying the same about those pikeys who were working people as slaves a year or two back.
  9. shepp

    Scrap men

    They tend to have a bit of a track record for it. https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/hand-car-washes-targeted-slavery-8166846
  10. If you go back to times when most people were born, lived and died in a small area of the country, terriers became a type mainly because of a limited access to different blood stock. I doubt they cared much if the dog looked a certain way, they wanted the best worker. I believe it came much later where people obsessed with purity of blood and breeding with dogs that held a pedigree that went back for so many generations. I personally feel that if a dog looks like a Bedlington, and behaves like a Bedlington, then it’s a Bedlington and it’s probably better for the fresh blood..
  11. shepp

    Barcelona turning into a toilet!

    Are there any right wing nationalist parties that could take over next election? I know these socialists have just got in so damage could be beyond repair by then.
  12. I think borders have some connection in breeding, if you go back far enough.
  13. I agree, give them the choice of birth control for maybe 1 year or not coming in at all.
  14. Still makes more sense than the clown running Canada.
  15. No they didn't, that's a lie. Many were given a birth control injection along with vaccinations when they arrived, then for a period of time every three months. Good idea I think considering most had absolutely no ability to support themselves let alone any more children.The large influx had to be found homes, fed, clothed and taught Hebrew, it was a very pragmatic decision to do this and i feel a very small price to pay for these people, who were plucked from a shit hole and then won the golden ticket to live as full citizens in a relative paradise. But then once again people twist the truth to suit their own agenda