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  1. Rockwood Harriers New Years Day
  2. Word of warning, they still point at airplanes around barnsley.
  3. I suppose thats it then, roll over and let it happen. Countries nakered because we've no backbone. Its not one lone resident though. I quite like sandra bullock too.
  4. So one site got brown enveloped during covid lockdown and no one seemed to no anything about it, all rushed through very quick. They are clever with how they have done it. Both of the solar farms are bordered between two seperate council districts by one road, so now they can approach a different council and put application in for the one now which will effect us the most.
  5. I can use google too
  6. I like how they quote the carbon neutral time and time again. All the minerals needed for the equipment are mined by industry damaging land... then the parts made in china which have halted any sustainable energy and are now the biggest coal users. And then there is the transportation and building costs. They use the word offsetting at every opportunity which means naff all. The land proposed sites are arable and up and till last summer were all grain. In a time when we are told of "food shortages" looks like its profit over people once again. Most will snub it as it doesn't effect them. Time
  7. Would evidence of ground nesting birds be on the report, as i have seen and got pics and videos of lapwings on the land. These are currently on red level?
  8. No but i suppose from someone whos user name would of been funny to an 11 year old thats just watched american pie not very much..but maybe someone who has previously had experience with said issue or has a job relating to any form of planning a bit of advice like i said..
  9. So i wont bore you with the details.. but my village has just been hit with a leaflet outlining plans for a huge solar farm..anyone any advice on what to present in a decent way of objection.. many of my pals are saying the usual.. we'll burn it down, damage it..etc but im going to the propsal meeting and want to put together something sensible and try bring the community together and get people on board with me. The plans they have is on land i used to hunt when i was a kid, then numbers dropped off and only now have startes picking up again. Anyone been through anything similar.
  10. Will of been a few of them i would of thought to take all the lot.
  11. Seen this doing the rounds, 3 luchers and 6 terriers stolen from cumbria. 19/9/22. Keep your eyes peeled lads and keep your dogs safe.
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