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  1. Just these 2 little Sh1tes left, 9 weeks old
  2. Glad your happy Chunky, was great to meet you and your good lady, i think the pup is going to be in good hands, best of luck with her Kevin.
  3. Sold that one to a taxidermist and not seen any since, looked as though they would have been fun to take with the dogs,
  4. Sh1t, this is not working as i had planned, the first pic of the brindle is the one i am keeping , hopefully the next pics are what chunky has a chance at.
  5. Well lads pups have done really well, only 4 left at home, 1 i am keeping myself and Chunky off here is traveling all the way from Devon tomorrow and coming to pick out one , hope he thinks its worth it, we shall see. This one went tonight
  6. here's a couple of decent Beddies,
  7. So do i when we want a few, 2 hrs out the other night with the thermal saw 3 Rabbits
  8. They are that Mr Lloyd, how's your wasp season going ?
  9. A few in the garden today, little sh1ts are all over the place.
  10. i only have the bitch, the dog belongs to a lad over Keighley, but love to take you up on a ratch about sometime
  11. there might be a odd one spare, if your serious pm me
  12. MK 4 all the time for Rats as Socks says MK 6 is too big,
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