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  1. Are you still after an eu polecat

  2. The best I saw on here was two lads found a frozen chicken down a rabbit hole while out ferreting! I always remembered that one
  3. The Rabbit hole runs deeper than abuse, Ted Heath abused kids and then some...
  4. Plastic bin from the hardware, buried in ground, holes drilled 2/3rds from the base up, the lid sits just above the ground. I throw the yard waste into daily, throw in septic tank treatment once a month and leave the hose in it for an hour a few days after and I've never had problems. It works well
  5. I've always found my better workers to be calm, relaxed and easier going...any that were a little to lively, fought with dogs and were a constant nuisance never amounted to much...for me anyway.
  6. It was great to meet you and some of the team, the show was great and we enjoyed the lurchers and the great friendly atmosphere although we didn't do well against the Irish lads! We picked up a few bargains and just about made it back to the ferry on Sunday night. The ferry rates were much appreciated and we look forward to next year
  7. Looking forward to it! On the ferry today, dogs with us, hopefully take something home with us.
  8. Some nonsense wrote in that book about terriers
  9. Ferry booked, hotel booked, looking forward to another great weekend!
  10. Anything is only worth what someone will pay for it....all fine and dandy for someone to say anything is worth a certain price but unless someone is going to pay you what it's "worth" then what worth has it really?
  11. I have a good friend who is a massive Hargreaves fan, he used to correspond with him by letter and ended up with a painting that Jack owned. Only two weeks ago he was telling me about the Lost episode's and according to him they are one offs, not on any other box set. He got them some years ago copied off old reels from a friend. But I'm only going on what he said, but if anyone would know....he would.
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