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  1. I read an earlier post on this thread about mods being able to read private messages, can a mod tell the members if this is true or not. Thanks in advance.
  2. Its that it! Is that your comeback, ahh ha ha ha another one bites the dust.......?? Byeeeeee
  3. Nope, more like you thats taking it a bit personal stooping too using profanitys towards me in your frustration ? I like how you use an avatar photo of a kid using his two fingers to make a rude gesture but your kids were skelped for being rude a wee bit of double standards is it not, DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO ........ comes to mind!!!!!!! ?☘????☘?????☘????☘?
  4. The Un humorous reply is that you could not really say there are any mate as you don't know people in that way.......everyone is essentially a stranger and you can only get a sense of Lads you would probably get on with and lads you wouldn't. It wouldn't really be fair to label someone on here a selazebag because there is not clue they are any such thing.......if you have never seen someone how could you judge. Edited to add: there are however a few you could call mentally ill ! Lol Says someone who skelped his kid for being rude to your mother-in-law!!! You crack on Nurse Ratc
  5. Likewise mate.....my old man was bought up very harsh and yet never laid a hand to me.I can count the number of times I have felt the need to smack my kids backside on one hand over 15 years and that for all 4 of them. The only time I have done it is when they were nasty rude (as opposed to cheeky rude) to their mother, once to the mother in law and a couple of times when they were throwing their weight about (all part of growing up I know).......that's my girls 14 & 15 My older boy I have never had to smack ever in 10 years........a couple of incidents where he has had a serious bollock
  6. It's like the one arm presenter they used to have, are you seriously telling me that out of thousands of people the one arm bandit just so happened to be the best for the job?..........or Balamory.......how many remote Scottish island does anyone know with such a collection of pakis, cripples, gay policemen and inventors, dancing spades and an African/American painter and decorator ! I hate such blatant propaganda...... My god!......I'm turning into Alf Garnet !! Lol I dont know any Scottish islands but I know London is full of them. Nope .wilfred bramble ?
  7. Again....... Ahh haa haa haa ? got two out of that one expected more but Ill take the double. ???
  8. https://inews.co.uk/essentials/national-trust-rejects-plans-ban-trail-hunting-land/amp/
  9. It was nearly as funny as appointing Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the head of the human rights council. What's next? Paul Gadd as head of the children's welfare division? Gary Glitter fits the job description far better in my opinion mate. ?
  10. How do you know I'm not a gay/muslim/anti? That's just wasted 4 years of my life on the THL! Hahaha......Nowt surprises me on this site anymore mate hahaha an I mean nowt haha I keep waiting for it to come out that everybody on here is just one big fat guy too big to get out his room unless they remove the window an bring in a whale sling, an its just me an him chatting shite hahahaI'd be quite entertained by that kind of thing...............like say if BGB was actually a 58 year old divorced women from Bedford who was just fcuking with the THL massive! Haha...... Probably on the money there m
  11. Gary Glitter....... You wanna be in my Gang, my Gang, my Gang.
  12. I've heard that the kidnappers in that country cut the Achilles tendons so no one can escape nasty b@statds.
  13. Not these days - you can't sell miles of shoddy plastic tat in August for that ! Much better to import yet another poxy Americanism, merchandise the f*** out of it, and encourage your kids to scrounge sweets from total strangers........ Bah humbug haha If only Guy Fawkes had succeeded.
  14. John Wayne ?? ....no I can't have that mate , how about swapping Wayne for Hilary & Bill Clinton ? Sort of 2 for 1 swap ? Ok I'll go for that. John Wayne one of my favorite actors and a good family man.
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