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  1. I guess some people might find this spooky but it's not to me When was a kid a childhood friend who started me in Hunting ,fishing died while out with his dog. not going to say how he died as it wasn't a nice way to go and his dog was never found I'll call him jack for this post as don't wanna use his real name . some people say suicide, I personally don't believe it I think it was a accident . but any way the spot he died is a big tunnel. Every time I pass through the Tunnel I always say what I'm doing jack , ( I'm just going fishing wish me luck ) anyway one day me an my mate where heading towards my mates permission as we pass tunnel I say (Hello jack were off lamping ) My mate doesn't find it weird or anything cause he seen me do it hundreds of times, an he even says hello jack himself it was a really really cold night an we been out for a while an hadn't seen much so we head to last field on the way back . my mate gets a rabbit in the beam I slip his dog before the dog even had chance out of know where this dog appears picks up the rabbit an away runs straight through the hedge my mates starts repeating wtf wtf , whos dogs that how f**k has it gone through that hedge like that ,what was it ( these where hard hedges you couldn't just run through them like it did) , the dog didn't look normal it was like looking at it through frosted glass sort of an it was silent , But i recognised the dog straight away it was the same collie /grey that got me in to hunting 100% him turned to my mate an said that's jack's dog he said but that dog would of died from old age a long time ago, just looked at him an said I know , Walk back in silence pretty much as we going through the Tunnel I just say ( I think I just seen you dog jack ) About 2 months later As I got to the tunnel entrance I saw him standing at the other end then he just disappeared 14 year old jack still in his umbro hoodie that he always used ware standing there with his dog , The farmer reccons hes seen him a few times an says it was definitely him aswell
  2. mroak

    Hunting Game

    Can do both.have to have a long extension cord tho
  3. mroak

    Hunting Game

    I bought a Ps4 and dont use the f***ing thing lol...just cant find the time....just an expensive dust collectorI'll give 50 quid and a feather duster for it so you can carry on collecting your expensive dust
  4. agree 100% for some reason it's like a trend to see how dumb you can pretend to be
  5. mroak

    X Factor

    her dad was a music promotor / manger thats how she met Ozzy then she took over the management of the band from her dad so she's has worked in the music industry
  6. sister's got one nice family dog but don't see what all the hypes/price is about she got lucky an got a fairly healthy one with no breathing problems but she does take it jogging for a couple of miles a day probably helps where's most just leave them on the sofa to get fat
  7. Don't really know much about fishing just do float fishing mostly. so just wondering if any one could tell me why this carp looks so different to all the others iv caught. like silver body orange fins with green head all the others iv caught have been standard yellowy brown colour this wasn't caught in commercial fishery if that helps
  8. Found any cats yet? He nearly got a PIC of one but it got through a hole in the train tracks because some cnut nicked the wire.Further proof that all crimes have a victim what about nicking a chomp.?The little old lady on minimum wage behind counter comes to the end of the day and her till is 10p down....to save her self any hassle she puts the 10p in the till out her own money.....could you live with that knowing you just cost her 10p??? more like 30p these days an if Werther's originals go missing I'd say it was an inside job
  9. I remember when I tried cooking Sunday dinner once Ended up being like a 6 course meal couldn't get everything to finish cooking at the same time so was serving it all separate never again
  10. claytallstories is having to stop makeing videos on YouTube because YouTube demonetized his videos because it contains hunting and swearing
  11. mroak

    Ebay Theft Tool

    it's probable him being paranoid but I do see why though it's a weird coincidence thieves targeting his fishing gear just after he bought some stuff for fishing
  12. mroak

    Ebay Theft Tool

    that's the first thing I told him it would be something to do with the neighbor
  13. This is just a theory but I'll tell you what happened an see if you lot agree or heard of this happening About a couple of weeks back a mate bought some fishing gear off eBay nothing dear just stuff for float fishing he bid an won auction anyway it was to be posted as the seller was about 40 miles away 2days after he won the bid a neighbour knocked on his door with the fishing gear that had been hand delivered a couple of doors down with a note saying please deliver to his name at his house number he thought it was weird that someone has driven down to drop it off an post it through a neighbours letter box with note asking them to pass it on He thought maybe they were going somewere an passing through the area an couldn't find his address but didn't really think about it to much as he got the stuff anyway A week later goes for a fag out the front at around 11 at night thinks he hears some one running down the gravel then he hears a car fly off down the road he goes to have a look all his fishing gears there leaning against the fence ready to to be chucked over an loaded into a car the strange thing is he only does float fishing for a bit of fun an if they took the the lot it would of only come to about 100 quid but they left aload of expensive tools an stuff Now the theory he may be wrong but he recons the theif sells something small but related to what he wants to steal then gets the address where there's a possibility of high value items related
  14. stopped eating bread no need for the beach bod now it's time to fatten up for the winter hibernation
  15. got a mate that eats cheese with strawberry jam got me to try it must say goes really well together
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