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  1. Are you still after an eu polecat

  2. Beautiful bitch, an absolute credit to the lad he has her in some condition. Brilliant to eee the youngsters so keen
  3. Witnessed a guy with four in at one time , he said dogs in the wild hunt as a pack lol. Best thing about it was they all came out n we had to dig it with a bitch we had with us
  4. Positive thing iz the farmer can use those holes for putting in posts when hes done
  5. Your doing well shovel, out today ourselves. Wee lurcher bitch done well today,hounds hunted very well today
  6. You put away some stuff shovel, fair play
  7. An old beagle/lakeland dog called bengi and a beagle/russell bitch called lady. Those two together put out some stuff, c**t next door let bengi out of the yard one day n he wass kilt on the road n the lady bitch was lost to ground on a fox. Hard to replace dogs like that
  8. Wudnt be hard to impress old double up dave
  9. Walshie your as fulla shite as a sceptic tank. Arent u the same dickhead that blocked me before on a previous profile when i defended myself against certain wankers who wer commenting on another post ?
  10. Not bothered in the slightest peter mate, just dont like the idea of one rule for one and a different rule for another.
  11. I totally agree shovel, id never have got involved if he didnt start slating the irish. Not the first time its happened and mods do f**k all about it,
  12. Deadly man, great way a knob a butter n a bitta scallion
  13. Just started last weekend lad, new lurcher bitch that the jurys still out on lol. Not sure if shes gonna make the grade or not, pity tho shes a cracker wee thing otherwise
  14. Diesel sent to bed tonight way no supper cause he said bad words on here
  15. Did u peel them first undertaker or boil them in there jackets?
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