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  1. neil cooney

    The terriers and terriermen of Ireland!

    I know you stole it, but you used it at just the right time, LOL.
  2. neil cooney

    The terriers and terriermen of Ireland!

    Best post I've seen in a long time.
  3. neil cooney

    Looking for opinions on breeding

    No, teeth means rabbits, the secret code word for hares is Billy. Foxes are venison and venison means charlie, charlie being rats.
  4. neil cooney

    Zesty Pan Fried Pigeon Ciabatta

    At least if you got sick of biltong you could have a sauna.
  5. neil cooney

    Raw Diet.

    Oh, OK DD, Worth knowing though.
  6. neil cooney

    Funny Joke Thread

    I was going to put this in the "what you listening at the moment thread" but here's more appropriate.
  7. neil cooney

    Raw Diet.

    Yep, beef is best of the lot. Used to be with a 3 day a week pack. When the "mad cow disease" scare came in the ministry vet watched over them making sure only hind quarters were fed. Hounds fell apart. It was only when the vet f****d off they went back to fore quarters and hounds got their backs back.
  8. neil cooney

    Zesty Pan Fried Pigeon Ciabatta

    Yep, Woodpigeon is up there with Woodcock and Partridge and yet you here of assholes dumping them. A few times I've had their breasts on the pan a half hour after shooting it and it can be like beef, that's why I like the sound of your other recipe.
  9. neil cooney

    Pigeon Biltong

    Yes Benn, please keep us up to date. That sounds real nice.
  10. neil cooney

    Raw Diet.

    When you say finger blasting are you talking about using your finger to irritate the bowel and make the dog shit ????? I've used a piece of straw and a biro on dogs in the past and walked them with it in them to make them shit. Both times it was to get the last few ounces off the dog.
  11. neil cooney

    Nuisance flies

    Always a nuisance.
  12. neil cooney

    Raw Diet.

    Thanks for that Stormer. I just googled it and it appears that commercial pork is safe to feed to dogs but not wild boar or feral pigs etc. but most of that research is American and I think where I read about it was in an English hunting magazine from a few years ago. I'll take a chance and go back to feeding it the odd time I get it. Shane, chickens great, bones an all, but after a few days I like them back on the beef for that bit of fat.
  13. neil cooney


    Just fake laryngitis.
  14. neil cooney


    Eddie I was talking to a lad a couple of weeks ago regarding the Zebra Mussel and a few other things. I mentioned that I sometimes envy the Brits being able to catch so many Signal Crayfish so easily but it's probably a good thing they're not in Ireland. He reckons they're already here in a few rivers.
  15. neil cooney


    A handsome chap like him is worth showing off a second time anyways, LOL.