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  1. Good luck with the salmon buddy, I try and book a good few months before hand with the sharking and tuna buddy just keep that in mind if your thinking of having a go as the better charters fill up quick even a year in advance a lot of times
  2. Sorry chaps late last night and flat out in work all day, I’d recommend September as a good month but believe you can fish up until November for them, weather and swell plays a massive part the calmer the better as you keep an eye for bait balls and birds feeding and that’s where you’ll find them, if it’s choppy it’s hard to see any surface action and it’s harder for the fish to see the spreader bars and lures doing they’re thing, highly recommend Sam narbett who skippers bluefin charters st ives he’s docked in Falmouth for the tuna though, we’ve been with him a few times now can’t fault him t
  3. No probs at all chaps, out ratting at the moment I’ll fill you in with any info I got when back
  4. They’re an amazing species to fish for, unbelievable power, nothing I’ve hooked into comes anywhere close, it’s a mixture of torture and joy when you finally get one by the side of your boat lol, and god help any angler fishing off the shore if you hook into one, I’ve been completely spooled on pretty hefty shark gear out in the Celtic deeps and that was with boat following It too, there was genuinely nothing we could do drag was pretty much upto max and it kept stripping, still gives me sleepless nights now , fabulous fish though and I for one hope they stay around our waters for many ye
  5. Last few sessions on the sea, had an eventful day out yesterday, had some nice pollock for the freezer, a good few sharks around the boat, the biggest whiting I’ve ever seen, just shy of the Welsh record and a big big fish pretty sure a tuna took a liking to one of the baits on the shark rods and got completely stripped by the beast, that’s all I could do was hold on and watch as the line disappeared drag was pretty much at max and and it took it like it was on a river reel unreal power, gutted we lost it but memories made. Tight lines atb
  6. I’d had along day ???? patience lots of patience haha
  7. Patients loads of patients, mines an empty headed c**t and taken quite a while to mature but she’s getting there now, good luck with her pal ?
  8. Here’s my new hopeful, well my nippers (I’m hoping he ll share her ?) , in his words she’s the bestest birthday present iv ever had dad and she’s my best friend
  9. Good thread with some nice dogs and interesting stories this fp fellas, iv had a couple over the years that have shaped up pretty well, looks don’t kill though and as of yet none come close to my scruffy old bitch in the kennel, the dog on top had hell of a lot of potential and was becoming pretty decent at the edible game but didn’t want anything more than edible so was gifted to a lad up north, bitch on the bottom is still young but slowly maturing and going in the right direction ? cheers
  10. Here’s my 3/4 bred, taken a while to mature and thick as dog shit but slowly turning into a half decent bitch
  11. Sounds a lovely mix pal good luck with him, hope he does you proud ?
  12. Thanks mate fingers crossed she’ll make the grade ??
  13. She do look abit like him pal just hope she won’t fecking jib like him ??? she ain’t seen f**k all yet apart from a few bunnies pal see how she does this season
  14. looking in the mirror when you thought of that was you Dai ???
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