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  1. Sounds a lovely mix pal good luck with him, hope he does you proud
  2. Thanks mate fingers crossed she’ll make the grade
  3. She do look abit like him pal just hope she won’t fecking jib like him she ain’t seen f**k all yet apart from a few bunnies pal see how she does this season
  4. looking in the mirror when you thought of that was you Dai
  5. Thanks pal yes you got it Mate half x put to a grey bitch
  6. Cheers mate pups 3/4 bred bull grey and rough bitch is buddy/bull/grey x
  7. Good good all the best with him hope he makes the grade for you
  8. Cheers pal I’m abit worried now though I only hunt field mice she might be abit much for me
  9. Cheers pal fingers crossed she ll be filling the freezer this time next year
  10. How’s tha new dog of yours doing anyway fella hope all good
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