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  1. Teckers

    BSA hornet adaptor

    Thanks pal top man
  2. Evening all iv lost my adapter to pump my hornet up any idea where I can get a replacement cheers in advance
  3. yes mate teds the dog in question lovely type fp credit to you and his owner He defo brings a lot to a breeding bud and I think he's got plans for the future with him
  4. He might be same person I'm on about mate ! Got besdybullgreys aswell?thats him mate he's a cracker fp if all I done was hunt the hill I'd defo have oneYea I know I'm think about using that dog over my bitch in a few years if all goes wellgo for it pal he's a lovely dog
  5. He might be same person I'm on about mate ! Got besdybullgreys aswell?thats him mate he's a cracker fp if all I done was hunt the hill I'd defo have one
  6. Teckers

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    I'm no fan of broken coated lurcher but this dog is a bueaty, have you chosen a Wheaton x to go over her yet or not. My pal has a 3/8 5/8 wheaton x grey 27tts and I think he is around 9 years old. He has seen a hell of alot of work.cheers pal appreciate it, a guy off here has kindly said I could use his old dog, he's also proven and a proven producer of good stock which is good to know, thanks though mate if anything happens and for some reason that falls through id defo be interested
  7. A guy I hunt the hill with occasionally has a first cross, great temprement,strong boned, big solid dog endless stamina good jacket on him not the quickest lurcher in the world but by fuked he covers some ground just about perfect if hunting the hills your thing
  8. Teckers

    My Youngun

    i can't believe you got to feed them i was gobsmacked when he told me
  9. Teckers

    My Youngun

    cheers mate yea fingers He l make the grade
  10. Teckers

    National Three Peaks

    ya probaly right pal lol
  11. Teckers

    National Three Peaks

    ben Nevis seems to never end,scarfel very step and loose under foot, and snowdens in between the both but because it was the last one and I was bolloxed I found that the most difficult but best view wise
  12. Teckers

    My Youngun

    yea he's got a big set of lugs on him fp il have to be careful when it's windy he might take off
  13. Teckers

    My Youngun

    hope so mate
  14. Teckers

    My Youngun

    cheers pal
  15. Teckers

    National Three Peaks

    cheers mate I'm fancying Kilimanjaro tbh but the Mrs ain't as keen to let me go haha that's definitely one for the bucket list thoYou need to man up a bit I done Kili three years ago, it was a great experience. It's a piece of piss really, although the summit night's a bit of a slog I got a bit altitude sick at the top.im the boss in the house buddy well when she ain't there anyway , a lad I done the three peaks with said exactly the same as you pal, great experience camps ready every night for you but he struggled with altitude bad aswel, something I will definitely do in the future though