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  1. I’d had along day patience lots of patience haha
  2. Patients loads of patients, mines an empty headed c**t and taken quite a while to mature but she’s getting there now, good luck with her pal
  3. Here’s my new hopeful, well my nippers (I’m hoping he ll share her ) , in his words she’s the bestest birthday present iv ever had dad and she’s my best friend
  4. Good thread with some nice dogs and interesting stories this fp fellas, iv had a couple over the years that have shaped up pretty well, looks don’t kill though and as of yet none come close to my scruffy old bitch in the kennel, the dog on top had hell of a lot of potential and was becoming pretty decent at the edible game but didn’t want anything more than edible so was gifted to a lad up north, bitch on the bottom is still young but slowly maturing and going in the right direction cheers
  5. Here’s my 3/4 bred, taken a while to mature and thick as dog shit but slowly turning into a half decent bitch
  6. Sounds a lovely mix pal good luck with him, hope he does you proud
  7. Thanks mate fingers crossed she’ll make the grade
  8. She do look abit like him pal just hope she won’t fecking jib like him she ain’t seen f**k all yet apart from a few bunnies pal see how she does this season
  9. looking in the mirror when you thought of that was you Dai
  10. Thanks pal yes you got it Mate half x put to a grey bitch
  11. Good good all the best with him hope he makes the grade for you
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