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  1. your very welcome mate and you will enjoy it for sure lovely bunch of lads that will make you feel welcome lets no how you got on
  2. body building martial art its simon whitehead im talking about not jackie chan or could it be grasshopper whitehead
  3. say no more mate i been there to
  4. thanks for reply mate he gone up yorkshire way im told
  5. ferreting with the celebs now tomo aye is he not doing any videos or is he gone in a different direction and hope your keeping well mate
  6. jack lee


    welding gloves are the trick mate and there cheap
  7. is simon still going, not heard much of him in a while ,thought you gents may no,use to like watching his ferreting videos
  8. on a good note never met the fella but im sure he has a passion for what he does and that in my book makes him alright regardless weather you agree with his ideas or not but come on LIVING LEGEND
  9. i no paulus when all you were doing is telling the truth
  10. did the living legend give himself that name
  11. i remember the old line ferret setup at them prices i might be heading back to them
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