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  1. jack lee


    try kasa they work of your phone alerts you when any movement also record and night vision fanastic all you do is plug into socket and down load app
  2. is this the first time this cross has been done mate
  3. what about exporting trophys out of the uk is that also banned
  4. is this the book were he was looking for lads to contribute a story or two or am i just confuseing with something else either way best of luck with it
  5. jack lee


    there terrified of a united ireland, and the DUP are egging them on
  6. jack lee


    there more british than the british themselfs, if that s possible,as for breaking rules nowt said about when the loyalist held bombfires and didnt give a bollox about social distance on guy forks, selective memories some people have, or the orange parades that took place during lockdown, ounce again f**k everyone else we will do what we like
  7. any where else besides old les
  8. i have to ask tomo what were you selling on stall
  9. i have to ask what were you selling on stall then, ill probably regret asking but go lets here it
  10. any one on here under eighty years of age
  11. thats great KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THEN
  12. she looks like the old stuff for sure, have you bred her, i will forward that picture if thats ok to your mate,he asks me every time i see him how are you
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