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  1. is this the book were he was looking for lads to contribute a story or two or am i just confuseing with something else either way best of luck with it
  2. jack lee


    there terrified of a united ireland, and the DUP are egging them on
  3. jack lee


    there more british than the british themselfs, if that s possible,as for breaking rules nowt said about when the loyalist held bombfires and didnt give a bollox about social distance on guy forks, selective memories some people have, or the orange parades that took place during lockdown, ounce again f**k everyone else we will do what we like
  4. any where else besides old les
  5. i have to ask tomo what were you selling on stall
  6. i have to ask what were you selling on stall then, ill probably regret asking but go lets here it
  7. any one on here under eighty years of age
  8. anyone on here under years of age
  9. thats great KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THEN
  10. she looks like the old stuff for sure, have you bred her, i will forward that picture if thats ok to your mate,he asks me every time i see him how are you
  11. how old is old fenn now andy
  12. is the don dog about ,alot of folk seem to hate this dog,can i ask why,imtold he was good but its only heresay
  13. south east but i seen quite a few in cork
  14. i no that there is quite a few over in ireland,the lads that keep them dont use the hunting sites much,seen a good few last time was there,
  15. im sure you were a great lad, but i wouldnt want you for a neighbour
  16. carpet mills can burn your dogs pads mate,just watch out for that atb jack
  17. i buit a few in my time,what do you need to know
  18. fare enough,but as you know it can be quite at times,alot of people come over but find it to quite for them, which i totally understand,even if your reared in it you sometimes have to get out of it,because of the quiteness, i know it sounds mad ,but it can get to alot of folk lol
  19. WILF just out of curiousty why did you pick ireland,im not trying to be funny ,but you had so muck choice including scotland,
  21. DONT be embarrased lads i dont no much about them either
  22. was just wondering if they hold irish passports or british,
  23. dont think i waste me money on them
  24. are they been deported to liverpool or ireland
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