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  1. Are they ones out of D.E bitch? Nice dogs mate.
  2. he looks a belter mate!! f**k me I seem to be always admiring either yours or your fathers lurchers daily as they pop up on these forums, and now terriers!! good on you boys keep at them! They've seen the light,the spade is mightier than the lamp .. It's like a vice!
  3. He was 18 month old there 4 hours 30 to ground in a tricky place his opponent bolted in the end.
  4. Do you paint it by hand or is it a spray I've looked on the Internet and it's all just tins of paint. Thanks
  5. What do you paint them with mate I've had a sharptooth made and its just silver wouldn't mind painting it.
  6. Where can I get a peg for pegging the dogs out whilst digging? Thanks.
  7. He's a steady dog dug to it a few times. When you get a look at him close up he looks like no yearling lol.
  8. Cheers shep, I'll keep on looking for them. And like you say I've got it all over social media, someone will know something.
  9. Cheers D, I know mate that's the only thing you can get from one side of country to the other in a few hours.
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