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  1. Ive been with a few birds like that....what do you want for dinner later is the worst one !
  2. A bit of both probably....as a former gym owner i got sick to death of the excuses chaps made for not taking care of themself just after realising their body was falling apart.......i thought you was whingeing about it sorry.... unhealthy living is a choice we're all entitled to
  3. As much love,respect and appreciation as we all have for fallen soldiers its hard to stomach a society that demands that for 1 day of the year we act all patriotic and proud of the sacrifice men made to stop invasions that would change our lives.....but the other 364 days of the year we are so ashamed and embarrassed that we now welcome invaders with open arms..........in my opinion its all a bit of a piss on the chips to them brave,heroic people.....a fake thankyou if you like.
  4. Back in simpler times they would be called mongrels.....what couldnt be given away would be tapped on the bonce. Strange society we now live in.
  5. You would recognise talent better than i can mate but im told he's like a bigger,stronger version of Jack Wilshere....." he flows through the midfield " was how he was described to me and the chaps that spoke highly of him certainly know their stuff.
  6. Is that not what a Bandog is ?....or is that the same thin, im out of touch with all these breeds.
  7. I remember a while back seeing a lad with a beautiful looking dog and asking him if it was an Irish Stafford ...he laughed at me and said it was a XL Bully...." whats that " i said and he didnt seem to know himself but it was in some shape and an impressive looking dog. What breed/breeds do they actually consist of then ?
  8. He came on the other day against Utd but no i dont know much about him but the other couple of Czechs are anything to go by then he's money well spent although im pretty sure he's only on loan. The one i like the sound of is the Arsenal kid Charlie Patino,the couple of folk i speak to who are " in the know " as such reckon he,s the best young player Arsenal have had come through in years....and theres talk of him coming to little West Ham....times are changing eh !
  9. And whats your next excuse for not taking care of yourself....or hold on,are you just a Northerner and this is a hardworking hero/martyr/ive got the most dirt under my fingernails type post
  10. We've just lost Ogbonna for a while so Craig Dawson will be under pressure now and im sure he's up to it but yes,as with Antonio....once these lads start picking up injuries we just dont have the squad size to maintain the position we are currently in......and im not even moaning about it.....but to put in a serious push over the coming seasons we'd need to add quality all around the pitch in addition to what we already have in my opinion.
  11. I think it says a lot about the competitive natures of lads like Lampard/Gerrard/Rooney......we all knocked their commitment as England players but they're all showing their passion for the game by not now sitting around just looking at their bank statements...........good on them i hope all 3 lads end up managing at the top level.
  12. Ive never been one of these who think fans who dont go to the game are not as much of a fan as those that do go i think your club is your club and its in your blood....i once had a long discussion with an old boy in Cyprus about God and Christianity etc i was telling him how after some of the shit ive done in life i cant possibly be a Christian....he said something that really got me thinking he said " If you feel it in your heart,then you are a Christian ".....his words stayed with me and while i still dont book myself a Christian i think its the perfect analogy for football fans ......i kno
  13. I like that post....for chaps of my era into what we was all into at that time the whole " fighting at the football " thing kind of dampens things for me as it has almost become synonymous with the West Ham of that time.... when there was so much more to it whether it was the clothes,the music,the food and the general laughs f****n about up and down the country........dont get me wrong i know we wasnt special and all fans reminisce in a similar way but i do think we get labelled as nothing more than sadistic loons when in reality the fighting was only a tiny tiny part of " terrace culture " an
  14. Oh that c**t is the absolute worlds worst i remember the way he used to suck up to David Gold and talk as though they are " old pals " which he does with everyone he has on the show....cracks on like he's an important cog in the wheel of English football.....prick !! I only listen the odd time nowadays where years ago id have it on in the gym all day long....everyone would be moaning asking for some " motivational training music " and id be saying " no bollocks Mike Parry and Alan Brazil are on in a minute " ..........the station has never been the same since Parry went off the daytime s
  15. Proper old what we used to call " Towners " would have sniffed you out and f****d you off lively years ago ....i used to have an uncanny knack with accents i could literally tell a Bermondsey accent from a Brixton accent so South London patter compared to East London was no problem at all ! Obviously a lot of our fans these days are from Essex and even the way they sing " Bubbles " makes me want to f**k them off up the road a bit ...times are changing eh !
  16. I think thats a great appointment all round it would be brilliant to see a top English player make it big in management....always liked him as a player and seems to have a no nonsense attitude to management,be good to keep an eye on how he gets on.
  17. Fair do's squire....and no problem at all good man
  18. Ever strolled into a pub and realised your surrounded by raspberries !!....for people who spend a lot of time outdoors whys everyone so unhealthy
  19. Im a nightmare around names so forgive me if it wasnt you but i distinctly remember someone who's name ended in 123 giving off and getting all hysterical at me about a discussion on dog matching some time ago.....if it was you then the above might have a bit of practise what you preach/horses for courses about it ( no pun intended ).....if it wasnt you then forget it and apologies.
  20. Me and a few pals did that in Soho for a laugh asked one of them in the pedalo things to go round to Trafalgar Square to see the sights ( like we aint seen em a zillion times before )......im 19 odd stone and my 2 pals were similar poor little Albanian geezer was on deaths door .......we even had our feet dragging along the ground at one point
  21. I have mates who have done the job years Wilf so its something i listen to on a regular basis. Do you want a driver with " 4 years study and tests " or a driver with " a satnav " Do you want to put someone you value in a car with a driver who has " patience and personality " or a driver who has " a British Passport " Personally i promote these lads and their profession wherever i go...we need these people.....we dont need the alternative,and never have !
  22. Thank goodness " football folk " recognise such things........my blood was absolutely boiling yesterday its the closest ive ever come to phoning into Talksport they had that mincey prick Simon Jordan on there talking about how West Ham fans need to pipe down and stop singing the " massive " song as it will come back to haunt us !!!!........can this c**t not recognise parody and just accept the humour involved in such a song.....we are known throughout the country as a club who takes the piss out of ourselves and has a laugh about how shit we are has he not heard our iconic club song for f**k s
  23. I was alive....just.....but i dont count my years of " following " West Ham until it was a decision i was making for myself rather than the ol man dragging us down there by the scruff of our necks !....but no you are right....Bobby and the boys were Gods.....too beloved and treasured to even joke about comparing to. Bobby Moore was just.....well he was Bobby Moore what else is there to say
  24. Besides the rights and wrongs of Uber's and how they f**k with London tradition.....do you want to be driven by a lad you can have a natter and a laugh with or someone you can barely communicate with....simple as.
  25. London black cab drivers for as long as i can remember have always taken children and the families of children to Great Ormond Street for free....its just tradition....same with war veterans getting ferried from Waterloo Bridge to the Cenotaph and back again after is always done for gratis infact im not sure they charge war veterans at all regardless......its just a shame really that things like this are never mentioned in the press and media !! For the most part the ol sherbert drivers are one of your own,salt of the earth lads i use them all the time f**k that Uber carry on.... support
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