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  1. Got a 13 week old, everythings going great but the Mrs is desperate for him to be a sofa dog... Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Took my 2 gills out for their first time out, was also my first time out and worked 2 small (7 hole) warrens. The first Gill (nicer one) bolted 2 rabbits within the first 5 minutes, but the bolt hole wasn't netted (school boy error). After netting it, another young rabbit for caught in the net but I didn't get on top of it quick enough... The other Warren was basically same story. Jumped on a netted rabbit but it got the better of me, and another bolted from a hole I didn't net... Will the same rabbits be there next week or will the never dare go back to their Warren? Thanks ?
  3. Blue lacy is a American hunting dog, blue colouring. Handsome looking dog
  4. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a lacy x lurcher mix? I didn't even know what a blue lacy was till today scrolling through classifieds
  5. In the process of doing research! I work on a farm and think it would be a brilliant dog to have around and to use in conjunction with my ferrets
  6. I was just curious, no offense meant
  7. Researching into getting a lurcher, how come they're so damn cheap? Is it because they're working dogs or is it because they have can have health problems?
  8. What's everyone's preferred method of hide shooting? I've been looking at those tents but they seem a bit overkill. Does anyone just use the old pegs and net method?
  9. How does one make contact with him?
  10. Has anyone tried the £25 ferret finder service on ebay? Just aquired an old one and seems dodgey. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  11. As title says, I've noticed straw in the 8 week old kits poo. We've swapped to paper based bedding and it all sticks to the meat we're giving them. Has anyone overcome this hurdle?
  12. I got some kits and they're very friendly apart from the occasional nip. I'm worried my gf is going to make them too soft ? is this a thing or will their instincts kick in as soon as they're near a rabbit hole?
  13. I have looked for the answer but I have aquired my first 2 kits and I'm asking for some help with the first few weeks. They seemed quiet at first but I scared one of them lifting the hutch and she barked at me oops. Shall I keep contact to a minimum for the first week? Or shall I just try and interact with them every day. Any help is very much appreciated
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