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  1. Cheers pal perfect for sep 15 months old you wish there life away lol
  2. pic of my pup mik taken today pleasure to own as usual.
  3. logan

    Toon Army

    It showed the step up in class to the championship these last few weeks firstly Sunderland smashed hull then boro do Newcastle get dumped out of the cup by possibly the worst team in the premiership just because you win a few games in the little league don't be getting excited.
  4. logan

    Toon Army

    Lost the last 2 championship games and got knocked out ov the cup by a dog shit hull team good old toon army wat a week lol
  5. logan

    Toon Army

    It's much better supporting a championship team winning every week than premiership yo yo team getting spanked every week end that's wat Newcastle Sunderland boro are .it's will be brill when there all together next season in the championship.
  6. You shouldn't go far rong with this mating lads good luck.
  7. must be running some right shit dogs then because that's all we do get out and walk use the dogs ability rather than a motor and trust me we do just fine that's why the jobs f****d cranks driving.
  8. It will be nice to se aj acually turn up for the fight not like that drug taken cheat .
  9. Nice looking dogs better than I expected Wat there like trough cover ?
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