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  1. the mighty SAFC are well fooked they struggling to fill half the stadium of sh,,te
  2. defoes going to a big club up north, the TOON
  3. the gravy was very thin up there today, empty seats allover about 30k there at most see how many turn up next season in shit league, not alot i guess up the TOON well do the north east proud next season rafas the man who will the spackems get if moysie walks ha ha dave jones lol
  4. longnob

    Toon Army

    moysie is a great manager MAXI KEEP THE FAITH
  5. longnob

    Toon Army

    just letting you know maxi that lee charndley has been released without charge that should help you sleep tonibht UP THE TOON down your chin the GRAVY
  6. longnob

    Toon Army

    shame the massive SAFC werent the same, yous may of stayed up maxi COME ON THE BORO, well done on going straight back to the big league rafas army. let the little clubs play around in the shitty leagues next season
  7. ha you,ve changed your tune maxi thought he was next messiah, think it could be something with the shite players the gravy have in there squad not just the team they gonna struggle in championship shitty league I tell thee. UP THE TOON
  8. it takes ltts a while to complete there nests so they start early
  9. excellent stuff young bradley bet he loved that day made even better by watching a team that can win for a change
  10. loving it gnash, really am lol
  11. things are looking good down at SOL
  12. good day allround yesterday for the mighty mags, things are looking rosy for RAFAS boys up the toon wonder how many agurro bags today hes on fire at moment.
  13. longnob

    Toon Army

    another 3 points, and we played shite and won.
  14. what a surprise maxi has gone back into hiding LOL, the gravy was different class yesterday, see how fast them seats emptied.
  15. longnob

    Toon Army

    ha ha you must of just rolled in outta nightclub spouting that shite ffs yous won a game lol, aye brighton were flying again today maximus they snatched a draw instead of a defeat, rafa will be there to see the trophy in max and watch your lot head down to that shitty league you keep spouting on about. wonder who is the happier rafa or moysie the everton pensioners employer ffs ha ha.
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