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  1. My dogs wouldn’t interest you mate, they’re just useless scatter bred things
  2. @mC HULL I thought you’d have been all over this topic instead of the whippet one
  3. As ive told you before I have neither so I’ve got no reason to lie, I’ve seen coursing bred dogs with all the big names in their breeding that couldn’t even take being ran once a week without breaking down with injury. But this is a topic about whippets so I won’t help you ruin it any further, please start a topic about coursing dogs and give all the others a chance to get back on track
  4. Agreed I’ve seen just as many injury prone coursing types as any other type of lurcher
  5. Dog races aren’t ran on wet arable fields though so your argument makes no sense. A greyhound is much faster than a pure saluki or else the country would’ve been full of saluki racing tracks
  6. I think your over estimating the speed of a saluki, or underestimating the speed of a greyhound, they’re definitely not that close I don’t care what Google says
  7. E collars seem like an easy fix, but when I’m out hunting I need it to feel like a partnership between me & the dog. I want a dog coming back to me because it wants to, not because it’s scared of getting shocked. I’d start from scratch & treat it like an 8 week old puppy, spend all spring and summer just bonding with the dog & then hopefully by next season you’ll have a strong bond with the dog, and it won’t just be doing what it’s told because it’s scared of the e collar.
  8. Interesting deer though, saw them more than once whistle to alert the other deer about humans
  9. Probably our nicest looking deer a mature sika stag in winter coat. An anti climax in terms of lurcher work though, especially when compared with the other big species
  10. Always best to give wrists longer than you think, because when they become a problem the dog often never fully recovers
  11. Best to see at least one of the parents run as well, sometimes that’s not possible but at the very least you want evidence of what they’ve done. Can’t the anyone at their word when they’re selling you a pup
  12. Be too expensive for me those pups that come with the bit of paper with all the fancy names!
  13. Ive never actually caught any…. Need better dogs really
  14. My main quarry isn’t hares either….. as you can probably guess by my username, but I wouldn’t want a bull/grey for daytime work, not meaning to upset anyone but just my take on it based on what I’ve seen
  15. No you definitely can’t mate, different dogs for different jobs & there’s not many out and out daytime dogs that would have the gameness of the 3/8 bull
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