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  1. You been doing a bit of end of season doubling up?
  2. Was a good thread shame it’s slowed down
  3. I’m no coursing expert but land I saw round the Humber was much bigger, flatter & not covered in stone so it would be a no brainer for me where I’d rather run. Very strong hares as well
  4. Some terrible stoney land round malton & yorkshire wolds, couldn’t pay me to run it. Especially not when there’s such good land around both sides of the Humber
  5. I’m not too clued up on bull crosses but a mate of mine had a dog out of that Remus years back, I never saw it run be he spoke highly of it. He wasn’t the type to lie about dogs either so it must’ve been a decent thing
  6. Think you’ve misunderstood, nothing easy about taking fallow or reds. Red stags aren’t a quarry for 1 dog regardless of where in the UK they are, but red hinds and fallow bucks can be done with 1 dog. Needs to be a very good dog but it can be done.
  7. I give up you’re boring me now, can’t see the sense in debating with someone who’s so serious about deer they keep pure Salukis
  8. A better question would be how many deer has someone taken in total? Because a person can run 2 or 3 a year for 30 years and still no very little about them
  9. Well I have had both so thought I was in a position to compare them but obviously not, a stranger on the internet has told me I’m wrong so I must be
  10. English reds are bigger than Scottish reds, that’s a fact. But Scottish reds are bigger than English fallow, when it was legal to do so I’ve had both species north & south of the border. Had fallow in midlands and southern English counties, you might get the odd mature fallow buck that’s bigger than a Scottish red hind but in general Scottish reds are considerably bigger than English fallow. And anyone that’s done any amount of deer knows those Salukis you keep are no real threat to either species bar the odd weak fallow or fence bouncer
  11. English fallow are definitely not bigger than Scottish reds
  12. Red stags would always want doubled on if you value your dogs life, red hinds and fallow bucks however can & have been done with single dogs, so if people choose to double on them that’s their choice but it doesn’t need to be done
  13. There’s not many out there that’ll gift pups, when there’s a litter on the ground it’s amazing how quickly greed can get the better of people. Unless you’ve seen parents run you really don’t know what you’re getting so I think £500 is more than enough to spend on such a gamble
  14. Wallabies are fairly slow but the kangaroos are a lot bigger so I bet they’re not that slow
  15. Thats the way I’d look at it, but it would seem we are both wrong. Even when you’ve travelled thousands of miles to run a particular quarry, and you’re literally seconds away from getting a chance at one, the daytime hare should take priority if it appears at any time. You’re never too old to learn
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