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  1. Given dogs goats milk & cows milk never had a problem with it scouring them, that lamlac is the best I’ve used though I still give it to adult dogs mid winter
  2. Got to agree with mC HULL on this one, hope all these men that have jacked or on about jacking have never got rid of a dog for doing the same
  3. You’re right there, I’m new to this site and it’s easy to get carried away with all the shit talk but in reality who cares, dogs are there for owners enjoyment not to be better than anyone else’s.
  4. By the sounds of this topic I should’ve got a coursing dog years ago I’d have maxed out the game dealers
  5. I’m not a wealthy man mate make no secret of it, I’ve done the bare minimum amount of work my whole life so I can be out with my dogs but if I can make an easy few quid I’ll take it all day
  6. If he really is as confident in his dogs as he makes out then fair play to the man, they must be a decent sort of animal. But if he talks the talk on here and doesn’t really think his dogs up to the task then that’s a bit odd don’t you reckon
  7. On a serious note you said about red hinds, I’ve got some good spots for reds, put down a grand each I’ll run my bitch against your Romeo bred dog, this ain’t me bluffing trying to get out of it by talking money im keen to have a bet on it because I’ve seen a lot of dogs run deer over the years and this one I’ve got now is as good as anything I’ve seen so makes it interesting and backs up all the shit talk about my dog can do this and that etc.
  8. Don’t worry about blanking mate I’ve got a dog here that can catch one for you if all else fails, you’ll have something for the freezer regardless
  9. You’re not related to Jeff Burrell by any chance are you?
  10. If you can’t move a fallow buck you’re not moving a mature red hind, so basically what you’re saying is you’d only run females because the males are too much for your dog just to be clear? Because that’s exactly the point I was making earlier. For what it’s worth a red hind is a massive lump of an animal and won’t be bullied the same way a roe will, fallow does I don’t think are all that difficult for a good deer dog but red hinds take some stopping on their size alone
  11. Strength don’t make a deer dog mate it’s more about technique and having the bottle to go in to something much bigger than themselves
  12. 100% that’s what I’m saying mate, from what I’ve seen you couldn’t even compare em. My dogs got bits of other stuff in there as well mind, but I’d put her against any line bred coursing dog on any deer day or night.
  13. That’s what I was on about earlier if you read it, home bred saluki grey blood not all this line bred romeo razor bulldozer stuff.
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