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  1. Yokel Matt

    Ludicrous Lumens Vulpine

  2. View Advert Ludicrous Lumens Vulpine I have a Mk1 LL Vulpine for sale. This is an NV add on unit that attaches to the rear of you scope. Excellent bit of kit able to clearly see quarry wayyyy beyond shootable distance when coupled with a decent IR. Comes with spacers to fit scope and a fig8 clamp for an IR £250 Ono inc insured delivery Advertiser Yokel Matt Date 30/06/19 Price £259.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  3. Yokel Matt

    Ludicrous Lumens Vulpine


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    I have a Mk1 LL Vulpine for sale. This is an NV add on unit that attaches to the rear of you scope. Excellent bit of kit able to clearly see quarry wayyyy beyond shootable distance when coupled with a decent IR. Comes with spacers to fit scope and a fig8 clamp for an IR £250 Ono inc insured delivery


  4. Yokel Matt

    Scope advice

    Great rifle... I have one myself High mag and a wide parallax range is amazing for fixed point bait stations in daylight or when you have time to make the shot but can be a complete shit at night on the lamp or where a quick unexpected shot is needed. Keep it at a low mag and 100m parallax and you’ll get on. I’d punt for a good condition second hand from a decent pedigree as there are plenty of people with too much money chasing the latest gear that’ll let em go for a song.
  5. Yokel Matt

    anyone for venison

    Almost as enjoyable as the stalking
  6. Yokel Matt

    Last doe of season

    Nice work Dave She looks in good condition as well
  7. Yokel Matt

    Quick trio ...

    That’s ace Rich - really like the nice clean carcasses. Proper job mate
  8. Yokel Matt

    Few from the last month ..

    Good work Rich - you’ve been busy. Reckon we’ll be getting a lab pup next year which I can’t wait for.
  9. Yokel Matt

    Cull efforts rewarded

  10. Was down Dorset at the weekend to press on with the sika / roe cull prior to a forestry project. With a chunk of the grant riding on the deer management the owner is of the opinion that prevention is better than cure and the pressure is on to numbers down. Do it right, but get them down. The browse lines on this ivy can be seen all over the whole 250 acre block so it looks like the 13 we had off here a few weeks back is scratching the surface. We had a keeper mate of mine with this trip who had the professional credentials and had also worked with Tim on Fallow culls before and I was hoping to put him in front of his first Sika stag if a suitable one presented. Tim was off to another bit of ground of mine 1/2 hr away to try and get some hinds that were piling into some fresh lay so Tony was with me and at dawn we set up. Approaching a promising spot of poplar and bracken we bumped a roe doe who presented a brief shot but Tony was obviously not comfortable with it and passed it up - much to my appreciation as I didn’t want any wounded animals or ruined carcasses. It turned out to be the best decision he made all day as two paces later a stag rose from its couch and squared up to us 40m away! Traversing the rifle towards it the stag leaped a few strides away and fortunately stopped to my whistle. He’d do nicely and with no hesitation from Tony this time down he went to a perfect neck shot. He was made up and I was delighted for him. To help make it a more memorable experience I allowed him to drag it back to the truck. I had a hind a shortly after it carried on like that... prioritising calves & prickets. It was hard work and we were shattered by Sunday but we worked as a team and had a good result with 8 sika and 4 roe. Sadly the dealer could only take 6 so I’ve the rest in my chiller so I need to roll my sleeves up and get processing!
  11. Yokel Matt

    Muddy management

    Good spot - he wasn’t from Dorset though. We had at Tim’s Friday afternoon along with a roe.
  12. Yokel Matt

    Muddy management

    Had 14 in total this weekend mate The dealer only had room for 6 so I brought the rest back. No bother though as I’ve got a few landowners with their hands out so it’s going to be a busy week for or so for me in the game larder! Will get a post up on it when the exhaustion wears off
  13. Yokel Matt

    Muddy management

    Judging by the bone healing and muscle wastage it looks to have happened a while ago. Amazing how they get by with an injury like that.
  14. Yokel Matt

    Muddy management

    I was out at dawn on Saturday for a doe or two in what started off as a cold and frosty day. It was just what I was after as I’d just invested in a harkila pro-hunter jacket & trouser set.. all be it a good quality second hand, but it was still a wad and I was looking forward to getting my money’s worth! As I hoped, two does were in the field I expected them to be but the opposite side and a good 300m away across open ground. The one furthest away had a bad limp so, cursing the decision to wear my new clobber, i got on my hands and knees and crawled towards them trying to narrow the gap. I got to within 150 of the uninjured doe who was also moving towards me - I could have shot her a dozen times but the other was the priority and stayed put so I tried my luck and pressed on getting muddier with each movement. At 120m the closer doe decided it had had enough and ran back to towards the other barking. At 225m to the injured one I gave the turret 5 clicks and thumped her right in the chest. The other stood stock still at 240 so a quick bolt cycle and thump, spot on in the chest as well. Delighted with both shots and relieved the injured doe showed no other health problems a dragged them back to the truck which warmed me up nicely! Back at the larder the extent of the injury was more obvious and certainly justified the muddy gear... at least it was second hand to start with!
  15. Yokel Matt

    Had a pal out ...

    Depends who does them mate - Rob has some good skills. Thats a thumper Rich and well worth all the huffing and puffing to get him in the larder!