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  1. Yokel Matt

    Beautiful morning

    Really poor head for such an otherwise decent sized animal.
  2. Probably not the done thing but as diy effort I used one of those fumigation pellets used in poultry sheds. Smoke was pouring out from under the eves, tiles... everywhere. Needless to say it sorted not only the flies but every other living thing up there as well.
  3. Yokel Matt

    red stag called out

    A thumper Steve - bloody well done mate. A kiwi mates red roar call was a coffee can with a wet shoe lace hanging from a hole in the bottom!
  4. Yokel Matt

    New Zealand Bushcraft Hunting and Fishing Videos

    Really good mate - like your style and camera attitude.
  5. Yokel Matt

    Life on the edge

    A few hours while the wife is out with friends... mash, gravy, braised venison in the oven ... and heads. I’m going to be in sooo much trouble if she’s back early!
  6. Yokel Matt

    My red stag saga

    Well worth the wait by the look of him. No trip is ever a waste - always something to either learn or appreciate.
  7. Yokel Matt

    sika stag

    Jeeesssuuussss - that’s big. Got to be happy with him.
  8. Yokel Matt

    The hard way

    Couldn’t be helped bud - The company will be appreciated in more ways than one next time!
  9. Yokel Matt

    View from the seat ..

    Two nice clean Carcass there - spot on.
  10. Yokel Matt

    View from the seat ..

    You need to get a web cam and live link going mate!
  11. Yokel Matt

    The hard way

    66kg is - biggun! This fella wasn’t very old and I think his best years were ahead of him but with a forestry grant in the offing its more about the numbers at the moment. I think the biggest I’ve had here was 58kg. Would like to see a pic of your stag when you have a chance .
  12. Yokel Matt

    The hard way

    See what you mean - he’s next league. Very nice
  13. Yokel Matt

    The hard way

    What a beauty! I guess judging the quality of stock in an area comes with experience. The biggest (come to think of it only) fallow I’ve ever shot was the fella currently adorning my cutting room. Was a big deal for me at the time but not even fit for dog chews compared to that one!
  14. Yokel Matt

    The hard way

    Good numbers about then. Hopefully their familiarity with people after the summer will make the start of the cull a little easier.. until they get too switched onto it.
  15. Yokel Matt

    Roe deer shoulder mount

    That’s awesome Rob - you’ve done both Rich’s buck and my cape justice there. Thanks very much for the pics