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  1. Yokel Matt

    Buck called

    Had a few mate
  2. Yokel Matt

    Buck called

    Nice one guys - rutting hard round here still
  3. Yokel Matt

    My roebuck from somerset

    Good news mate - those heads cleaned up nicely
  4. Yokel Matt

    Couple of bucks

    Yes mate - I managed to cape him without incident which makes a change.
  5. Yokel Matt

    Couple of bucks

    Thanks gents. Yes Deker, I was pretty lucky to land this place. Nice stalking woodland when the weather is so hot makes anything in the open feel uncomfortable.
  6. Yokel Matt

    Couple of bucks

    Yesterday evening the weather report had forecast fire and brimstone but it never happened. Up to the estate last minute and I saw a buck skipping through a field of cattle but appearing to slow up after it jumped the fence and entered the treeline. Approaching quietly I saw the buck but there was too much cover in the way and eventually he moved out of sight. Continuing to scan I saw a fox asleep under a tree so took advantage and head shot it. At this the buck moved into a clearing so a quick reload on the straight pull and down he went too. Plenty of does and fawns about as well an not shy either.
  7. Yokel Matt

    Couple of bucks

    A couple of bucks recently. One was the fella from a few weeks back that couched right in front of me it wasn’t safe... he was in exactly the same place and did exactly the same thing. This time however there was a massive pile of waste, soiled straw, about 9ft, which was nice and dry from the decent weather. From the top I had the perfect prone shot and this time the back of his head wasn’t so lucky. It gets dark so late now I was knackered and back at the larder I had a complete brain fart and decided to cape it for my mate Tim, best cape job I’d ever done... only realised when I was cutting the antlers off that a deer with the side of its head missing isn’t much good to mount!
  8. Superb write up and excellent account of your trip. More of the same please!
  9. Yokel Matt

    Roe deer head prep...

    I left a boars head in a feed sack at the bottom of the garden for 6 months... that was pretty damn putrid and yes the flesh fell off with just a shake
  10. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation

    Tim’s buck was a murder buck in more ways than one - Here he isTim capes and ready to go - 50lb clean I reckon! Next time you think about pulling the trigger be a little more considerate hey!
  11. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation day 2

    Me too - From the look of his teeth he was no spring chicken so I was amazed he didn’t have more sense. Good to have you down mate and glad you’ve gone home happy
  12. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation day 2

    Got lucky with that one mate as I don’t know where the hell he came from. The shepherd rotates the sheep every ten days as well so well lucky to see him! Great shot again with the pressure on as he was properly switched onto us and going at the barking.
  13. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation

    Couldn’t have worked out better that first buck and it was a good shot off the sticks mate. Tim doesn’t have a pic of his buck so I’ll take one when I cape it later. Very unreasonable of him to shoot suck a big one so far away from the truck!
  14. Yokel Matt

    One-sided malform

    Defo bullet mate... a lot of the head was missing on the other side. Not like that biggun you had with a massive hole in its head after the rut a few years back!
  15. Yokel Matt

    One-sided malform

    Just skinned it Rich - no sight of any broken limbs or past issues. Probably an antler injury whilst soft in velvet. Funny looking thing.