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  1. Just realised who you are ferret333...lol Love your little beddy whippet.
  2. It is a recurring payment and will automatically come out of your bank account annually, if you don't stop it then yes - it's for life. If you wish to stop paying automatically you have to go through the PayPal website and not the app.
  3. Tuzo

    Pheasant Eggs

    You can buy gull eggs (black headed gulls).....they taste ok but they ain't cheap.
  4. What ailment are you wanting it for Socks ?
  5. I'm not keen on the new layout - being an old grumpy twat I don't like change.
  6. Shit thing to happen to anyone else. ....sorry to hear about it.
  7. I messaged the guy but he's too far for me but he said its £400
  8. Araucana are nice Socks and lay green eggs too. I've just hatched a load of Barred Rock bantams...if your up in NE in the next 6 weeks I could give you some of them. Booted bantams (sabelpoots) are another nice breed and if it's eggs your after you'll not go wrong with some Ancona bantams.
  9. Any particular rare breed ?
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